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I.B. 6lOl Westinghouse0000-00-00Westinghouse Stearn TurbinesOil Pump
I.B. 6102 Westinghouse0000-00-00Journal Bearing and Thrust BearingSteam Turbines
I.B. 6110 Westinghouse0000-00-00Throttle ValveSteam Turbines
I.B. 6115 Westinghouse0000-00-00AUXILIARY OIL PUMPOil Pump
I.B.6116 Westinghouse0000-00-00Thrust Bearing Adjusting MechanismSteam Turbines
I. B.6117 Westinghouse0000-00-00OVERSPEED TRIP MECHANISMSteam Turbines
I.B.6118 Westinghouse0000-00-00Exhaust Pressure RegulatorExhaust Pressure Regulator
I.B.6119 Westinghouse0000-00-00GlandsGlands
I.B.6120 Westinghouse0000-00-00Axial Clearance Labyrinth SealSteam Turbines
Catalog8120 Westinghouse0000-00-00Ac Manual Motor StartersMotor Starters
Catalog8113 Westinghouse0000-00-00Standard Duty Push button StationsPush Buttons
Catalog8220 Westinghouse0000-00-00A200 Magnetic Motor ControlPush Buttons
Catalog220 Westinghouse0000-00-00Bolt HeatersBolt Heaters
Catalog7025 Westinghouse1970-11-16Selector Guide for Coordinating Motors and ControlMotor Starters
Catalog8620 Westinghouse1994-01-18Power Miser 2 Solid State Soft-Start Energy Saving Motor ControllerMotor Controller
Catalog8250 Westinghouse0000-00-00International Electrotechnical Commission ControlCommission Control
Catalog8710 Westinghouse0000-00-00Accutrol 110 General Purpose Adjustable Frequency Motor ControlMotor Controller
Catalog43270 Westinghouse1962-04-16Synchrotie equipment, temperature indicators , ground detectors and differential voltmeter sVolt Meters
I.L.10437 Westinghouse1950-03-00WESTINGHOUSE LIFE-LINESTARTER CLASS 11-200N.2 SINGLE PHASE 2 POLE TYPE N SIZE 2Contactors and Starters
DB5200 Westinghouse1967-10-00Ac Spring Set Shoe-Type Brakes Magnet OperatedBrakes
DB5201 Westinghouse1967-10-00Ac Spring Set Shoe-Type Brakes Hydraulic OperatedBrakes
DB2820 Westinghouse1975-01-00General Purpose Standard and Stock MotorsMotor Controller
DB2980 Westinghouse1978-02-00Parallel Shaft Speed ReducersShaft Reducers
200P047H01 Westinghouse0000-00-00Ampgard INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 25L2 and 50L2 FLOOR MOUNTED STARTERSMotor Starters
6379D27H01 Westinghouse0000-00-00Ampgard INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 25L4 and 50L4 STARTERSMotor Starters
6432022H01 Westinghouse0000-00-00Ampgard INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 72l2 STARTERMotor Starters
AD5260 Westinghouse1966-01-00Type TM Dc Brake SpecificationsBrakes
AD2971 Westinghouse0000-00-00Moduline GearmotorsMotors
AD2973 Westinghouse1975-05-00Moduline® Speed ReducersMotor Controller
AD2980 Westinghouse1978-02-00Parallel Shaft Speed ReducersBrakes
AD2984 Westinghouse1978-02-00Moduline Gearmotors Motors
AD2986 Westinghouse1978-02-00Moduline Speed ReducersBrakes
AD43510 Westinghouse1970-10-00Motor load IndicatorsIndicators
IL4330-A Westinghouse1940-11-00MOTOR CONTROLLERSMotor Controller
DB3510 Westinghouse1976-09-00Life-Line S Drip-proof Guarded Dc MotorsMotor Starters
DB3519 Westinghouse1972-05-00Dc Motors, Generators, Exciters, Life-Line HMotors
DB5204 Westinghouse1964-12-00DC Magnetic brakesBrakes
DB8175 Westinghouse0000-00-00Assemblies Electronics MonitorVolt Meters
DB8178 Cutler-Hammer1997-11-00Cutler-Hammer IQ Sentinel ProductsGenerators
DB8250 Westinghouse1977-01-00Ac Magnetic Reduced Voltage Starters Motor Starters
DB8650 Cutler-Hammer1993-05-00Easy-Start ES Solid State Reduced Voltage Motor StarterMotor Starters
DB8660 Cutler-Hammer1993-01-00Easy-Start EJ Solid State Reduced Voltage Motor StarterMotor Starters
DB8670 Cutler-Hammer1997-01-01Cutler-Hammer Easy-Start EA Reduced Voltage StarterMotor Starters
6SE7080-0AX87-1JB Siemens0000-00-00SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES SAFE STOP BOARD SSBMotor Controller
I.B.6121 Westinghouse1937-04-00Westinghouse Steam Turbines - Exhaust Pressure RegulatorsExhaust Pressure Regulator
3007245061 Square D2002-06-00ALTISTART 48 Y-Range Soft Start Controllers Installation GuideContactors and Starters
IL16969 Westinghouse1983-12-00Westinghouse, Instructions for A900 Size 3 or 4, Two-Speed Motor ControllerMotor Controller
IL140002A Westinghouse1963-06-00Static Slipsyn Synchronous motor ControlMotor Controller
LB6169Rev1 Westinghouse1938-04-00Westinghouse Steam Turbines Control and Oil SystemSteam Turbines
IL112001 Westinghouse1954-04-00Life-Linestarter Class 11-200 NS5, NV5, NT5, NW5, NY5, and N.5 Size 5, 3 Poles, A-CMotor Controller
6SE70876JP50 Siemens2006-06-00Motion Control SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Operating Instructions (English in second half)Drives
IL16800371 Westinghouse1979-10-00Digital Volt meter test module 1943A23g01Volt Meters
I.L.3100-10 Westinghouse1961-02-00Squirrel Cage Life-Line Motors Type A for Navy Service (Frames 182 through 326U with Ball Bearings) Motors
6SE7087-7NP87-0FB0 Siemens1999-00-00SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Operating InstructionsDrives
CC3318 Siemens1990-00-00SIEMENS Model 90 Motor Control CentersMotor Controller
I.L.12479-A Westinghouse1960-05-00WESTINGHOUSE LIFE-LINE CONTACTOR SIZE 1, 2, 3, 4, OR 5 Contactors and Starters
I.L.10450-A Westinghouse1961-03-00Life-Line contactor, TYPE N-020 Class 15-825 N.0 2 Pole, Size 0Contactors and Starters
I.B.6144 Westinghouse1940-12-00EXTRACTION VALVE SERVO-MOTORMotors
440-FX-CIB Siemens2002-12-00MICROMASTER 440 FX Maintenance InstructionsDrives
I.L.3116 Westinghouse1941-10-00Westinghouse Constant Voltage Equipment for Metal PlanersMotor Controller
I.L.4500-2 Westinghouse1957-02-00Horizontal Drip-Proof, Type GP Synchronous Life-Line Generators and MotorsGenerators
I.B.6248 Westinghouse1938-10-00Westinghouse Steam Turbines-I. B. 6248 CONTROL AND OIL SYSTEMSteam Turbines
I.L.BR-1 Westinghouse0000-00-00MOTOR OPERATED BR SERIES RESET TIMERMotor Controller
I.B.7099 Westinghouse0000-00-00Wstinghouse Large Synchronous and Induction MotorsMotors
A-C6.1.2.1 ITE1973-07-00Motor Control A-C Manual Integral-Horsepower Manual StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.3569 Westinghouse1941-02-00Type RE Line-Drop CompensatorMotor Controller
CLASS2510-2601 Square D1967-07-00Manual Line VOLTAGE STARTERS Classes 2510, 2511, 2512Contactors and Starters
I.L.16-800-143 Westinghouse0000-00-00Load Balance ControllerMotor Controller
I.L.16-800-244 Westinghouse0000-00-00Regulated Power Supply Card PS1Power Supply Regulator
6ZB5310-0EG02-0BA2 Siemens0000-00-00Microsystem SIMATIC S7-200Motor Starters
I.L.12478-B Westinghouse1959-07-00Design N Life-Line Starter Size 1, 2-3, or 4 PoleContactors and Starters
I.L.14-000-1C Westinghouse0000-00-00SLIPSYN SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR CONTROLMotor Starters
PRICELIST9220 Westinghouse1977-05-17Ac Magnetic Reduced Voltage Starters Non-Reversing, Reversing Up to 600 Volts 3 Phase, 60 HertzContactors and Starters
CLASS-9840 Square D1985-02-00600 Ampere 4.16kV and 13.8kV HVL Load Interrupter SwitchSwitch
RENEWELPARTSDATA41852A Westinghouse1978-04-00Operation Indicators, Instantaneous Trips, and Contactor Switches For Protective Relays Indicators
I.L.1788 Westinghouse1930-02-00Type SK Small Motors Shunt, Compound and Series WoundMotors
I.L.16-800-287 Westinghouse1975-01-00M58 Thyristor Power System Field Start-Up Procedure for Motor Armature SuppliesMotor Starters
R.2.4 Siemens1991-00-00Synchronizing Unit 7VE51Motor Controller
SVP-1 Basler Electric1996-09-00AVC63-7 VOLTAGE REGULATORPower Supply Regulator
I.B.13.4.1 ITE0000-00-00MO-10 Motor Operator InstructionsMotor Controller
I.L.13144C Westinghouse1968-04-00Instructions for A/200 Contactor, NEMA Size 00, 0, 1Contactors and Starters
I.L.10289 Westinghouse1950-02-00Reversing Life-Line contactor Type N-030 Glass 15-815 N.0 3 Pole, Size 0Contactors and Starters
9358900990F Basler Electric2006-07-00INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR DGC-1000 DIGITAL GENSET CONTROLLERMotor Controller
I.L.1398 Westinghouse0000-00-00Cabinet Door InterlockMotor Controller
I.L.14-515-2 Westinghouse1952-03-00Motor-Driven Operating Mechanism Type RK For D-C Field RheostatsMotor Controller
C53000-X5676-C110-3 Siemens2006-00-00SIPROTEC 7SJ602 V3.5x Annunciations to the Serial System Interface according to IEC 60 Associated Manual: C53000�G1176�C125Indicators
SA-2 Basler Electric1997-01-00SR4A, SR6A, SR8A, SR9A, SR32A Static Voltage RegulatorsVolt Meters
I.L.16-800-139 Westinghouse0000-00-00Voltage Regulator (Multi-Loop Controller)Volt Meters
I.L.1675 Westinghouse1937-02-00Type L4 Electrical Interlocks For Alternating and Direct-Current Single Pole, Double Pole and Transfer Make and BreakInterlocks
I.L.22-1000-25A Westinghouse1975-06-10Class 22-1000Z Single Phase Adjustable Speed Drive System Description of Electrical OperationDrives
I.L.10413-A Westinghouse1950-05-00Reversing Life-Linestarter Type N, Size 2 Class 11-211N.2 2 Phase, 4 PoleContactors and Starters
I.B.19-616-A Westinghouse1973-11-00Inverter Power Supply Load Sharing Control Instruction BookPower Supply Regulator
I.L.7000-2 Westinghouse1954-10-00Magnetic Controllers InstallationMotor Controller
43500-054-26A Square D1999-00-00MODEL 98 Digital Temperature Controller For Medium Voltage Transformers Class 7300, 7400Motor Controller
I.B.5306 Westinghouse0000-00-00Steam Turbines 20,000 to 35,000 Kw.Steam Turbines
C-413EM I-Gard2006-08-00Ground Fault Protection GADP Ground Fault Indication System Instruction ManualIndicators
CLASS2510 Square D1967-09-00AC MANUAL STARTERS - LINE VOLTAGE TYPE With Melting Alloy Type Thermal Overload Relays Non-ReversingContactors and Starters
I.L.16-800-304 Westinghouse1975-06-00Ramp Function Generator DWG #1684A62Generators
I.L.1877 Westinghouse0000-00-00Type CS Squirrel Cage Induction Motors Types CW and CI Wound Rotor Induction Motors Built in Frames No. W 254 to 800-C With Oil Lubricated Sleeve BearingsMotors
508-AS Square D1984-02-00Class 8660 - AC Solid State Reduced Voltage Starters and Controllers Types MG, MH, MJ, MK and MM, Series AContactors and Starters
CLASS9990.9991 Square D1969-12-00NEMA TYPE 4 AND 12 ENCLOSURES FOR CLASSES 8536, 8736 AND 8810 TYPE S STARTERSContactors and Starters
45086-005 Toshiba1997-07-00G3 TOSVERT-130 TRANSISTOR INVERTER 230, 460, AND 600 VOLT RATINGS OPERATION MANUALMotor Controller
I.L.10513 Westinghouse1950-05-00Reversing Life-Linestarter Type N, Size 0 Class 11-210N.0 2 Phase, 4 PolesContactors and Starters
SZW-2 Basler Electric2001-01-00RDP-300 REMOTE DISPLAY PANELMotor Controller
SG-4018 Siemens1992-00-00Power Monitor Display and Monitoring UnitIndicators
I.L.17361 Westinghouse1991-09-00Instructions for Product Operated Network Interface Used with IMPACC NetworksMotor Controller
R.P.48J.01.T.E Cutler-Hammer2000-03-00AMPGARD MV Motor Control Vacuum Break SJ SeriesMotor Controller
CLASS8807 Square D1982-10-00Omegapak Adjustable Frequency Controller 15-150 HPMotor Controller
C857A Square D1982-11-005000 Volt Class Motor Controller SpecificationsMotor Controller
9168700991E Basler Electric2000-06-00INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR VOLTAGE REGULATOR Model: APR 63-5Power Supply Regulator
I.L.16-800-391 Unknown0000-00-00M5C/M4CL Basic RegulatorPower Supply Regulator
CLASS3000 Square D1988-00-00Industrial Power System Automation: Synergistic Benefits Of Integrating Protection, Instrumentation And ControlMotor Controller
PRICELIST29320 Westinghouse1974-07-01MCP Motor Circuit Protector 600 Volts Ac MaximumMotor Controller
I.B.3600-1 Westinghouse1946-11-00Gearmotors Horizontal Type Type A - Single Reduction Types C and E - Double ReductionMotors
I.B.5600-AV-181 Westinghouse1958-08-00Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Electrical Control Equipment for 100HP AV Drive For Farell Birmingham-Consolidated Machine Tool Co. 50" Sellers Wheel LatheMotor Controller
MVC-9048 Siemens1991-02-00SPM 85000 Solid State Synchronizing and Protection ModuleMotor Controller
I.L.17-825-2 Westinghouse1956-07-00Type NF-Size 5-A-C Contactors 2-3-4-5 Pole Front or Rear Connected For Use with Air Conditioning CompressorsContactors and Starters
GEA-11540 General Electric1989-00-00Contactors, Starters, Two-speed ControllersContactors and Starters
I.L.10435 Westinghouse1950-03-00Life-Line Contactor Type N 040 Class 15-825 N.0 4 Pole, Size 0Contactors and Starters
14_BL General Electric2008-01-00Medium Voltage EquipmentMotor Controller
CP3290 Siemens1991-00-00SAMMS Siemens Advanced Motor Master SystemMotor Controller
I.L.12481B Westinghouse1959-09-00DESIGN N Life-Line CONTACTOR Size 2, 3, 4, or 5 Poles StyleContactors and Starters
PRICELIST3520 Westinghouse1976-06-02Standard-Line Life-Line S Drip-proof Guarded DC Motors Shunt or Stabilized Shunt Wound Basic Prices, Frames 256A-685A 7 1/2 to 500 Horsepower Class F Insulation, 40 degrees Celsius Ambient 1.00 Service FactorMotors
I.B.6170 Westinghouse0000-00-00Operation (CONDENSING TURBINE)Steam Turbines
I.L.16-800-329 Westinghouse0000-00-00A1101 Cycling Control Module: 1828A01Motor Controller
6.2.10 ITE1967-07-15Class A32 A-C Combination Reversing Starters With Disconnect SwitchContactors and Starters
I.B.4706018 Westinghouse1962-06-00Instructions for Type URF Step Voltage RegulatorPower Supply Regulator
I.L.10436A Westinghouse1950-03-00Life-Line contactor Type N 220 Class 15-825 N.2 2 Pole, Size 2Contactors and Starters
A5E00280169-02 Siemens2005-06-00SIMATIC HMI WinCC flexible 2005 Compact/ Standard/ AdvancedMotor Controller
I.L.11-202-12A Westinghouse1980-02-00AMPGARD STARTERS HIGH VOLTAGE {25L4 AND 50L4) NEMA CLASS E2Motor Starters
20X9759-11 Siemens0000-02-00Type 456 5KV AC Air Break ContactorContactors and Starters
I.L.17149 Westinghouse1986-09-00Instructions For Type M and Type MD, DC Contactors Sizes 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 600 Volts, MaximumContactors and Starters
CLASS1140 Square D1992-11-00SERVICEPAK Power Outlet PanelsPower Supply Regulator
CLASS6530 Square D1981-01-00FRONTLINE DC Mill Auxiliary ControlMotor Controller
I.L.16-800-264A Westinghouse1976-12-00Model QB/11 Plus, QB11B Solid State Programmable ControllersMotor Controller
I.L.16-800-306B Westinghouse1982-01-00Motor Field Regulators F21 Field Exciter SystemsMotor Controller
I.L.22-529-10 Westinghouse0000-00-00Class 22-529 Travel DriveDrives
AN-95GF-03 ABB0000-00-00Industrial Ground Current Fault Indicator - Ungrounded or High Resistance Grounded DistributionIndicators
I.B.47-301-1 Westinghouse1952-08-00INDUCTION VOLTAGE REGULATORS Types SU and STVolt Meters
E6581158 Toshiba2003-00-00New Global Standard Inverter TOSVERT VF-S11 1-phase 200V class 0.2 2.2kW 3-phase 200V class 0.2 15kW 3-phase 400V class 0.4 15kWIndicators
6SE6400-5AT00-1AP0 Siemens0000-00-00BOP - Basic Operator PanelMotor Controller
I.L.16-800-142 Westinghouse0000-00-00Current ControllerMotor Controller
I.L.10410 Westinghouse1950-01-00Reversing Life-Linestarter Type N Class 11-211N.2 Size 2Contactors and Starters
I.L.12528 Westinghouse1958-08-00UNIVERSAL ELECTRICAL INTERLOCKS TYPES L53, L54, L55Interlocks
I.L.16-123-201 Westinghouse1968-01-00Special Magnetic Contactors, Type MMD Frame 320 Direct Current Two Poles Magnet closeContactors and Starters
I.L.3100-8 Westinghouse1957-06-00Type "A" Explosion-Proof Squirrel-Cage Life-Line Motors Frames 364-U and Larger (Model No's. Ending in EP)Motors
CLASS8851.8852.8853.8854 Square D1983-01-00NORPAK Solid State Logic ControlMotor Controller
I.L.16-800-268 Westinghouse0000-00-00F80 Field Exciter Subsystem - Field Current ControlPower Supply Regulator
6SE7087-6BM70 Siemens1996-12-00SIMOVERT MASTER DRIVES Types J to M DC-ACDrives
B-B225-08025 Cooper Power Systems2008-05-00CL-6B Regulator Control Replacement Selection GuideMotor Controller
I.L.46-714-4 Westinghouse1952-05-00FLOW GAUGESIndicators
D.D.37300 Westinghouse1967-01-00SWITCHBOARD DETAILSMotor Controller
CLASS8809 Square D1982-11-00Director Automatic Speed Reference And Sequence ControllerMotor Controller
I.L.16957 Westinghouse1983-12-00Instructions for A200 Size 2 Single Phase Motor ControllerMotor Controller
CLASS8820.822 Square D1981-01-00Synchronous Motor StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.3000-2 Westinghouse1955-04-00Type A Single-Phase Life-Line Motors (Frames 182 through 326U with Prelubricated Ball Bearings)Motors
SD-18 Square D1966-05-00I-LINE POWER PANELBOARDS for circuit breakers through 600 voltsMotor Controller
I.L.15-825-1 Westinghouse1954-04-00Type NRD Contactor Frames 3 and 4 with 2, 3, 4 or 5 Poles (A-C Contactor with D-C Magnet and Coils)Contactors and Starters
MVC-9012 Siemens1992-11-00Series 81000 Medium Voltage ControllersMotor Controller
SG-6042 Siemens1993-06-00Series 5600 Motor Control Center Starter and Feeder Retrofit ProgramMotor Controller
T.D.29320 Westinghouse1975-10-00MCP Motor Circuit ProtectorMotor Control Centers
I.L.16978 Westinghouse1983-10-00Instructions for A201, A251 Size 9 2 and 3 Pole Contactors, Non-reversing and ReversingContactors and Starters
PL39550 Westinghouse1968-02-28Controls for Automatic Switching Current, Voltage, Var Socket or Cabinet Type Inherent or Fixed Time DelayMotor Controller
SNV-2 Basler Electric1992-06-00Class 200 Equipment "ESS" EXCITATION SUPPORT SYSTEM for Shunt Static Exciter/RegulatorsPower Supply Regulator
3020IM9806 Square D1999-02-00PowerLogic Circuit Monitor Series 2000 Reference ManualMotor Controller
I.L.7488 Westinghouse1965-01-00AMPGARD FOR INDUCTION AND SYNCHRONOUS MOTORS With High Interrupting Capacity Current Limiting Fuses - NEMA Class E2Contactors and Starters
P.L.4520 Westinghouse1967-11-08De Generators and Exciters Standard Industrial 3/4 to 800 Kw. Life-Line H Drip-proofGenerators
I.L.16-800-267A Westinghouse1973-11-00Bank SelectorCommission Control
CMS7000 CEE Relays Ltd.0000-00-00CMS 7000 Procom Digital Instrumentation DevicesIndicators
SHB-1 Basler Electric1998-09-00"SSE" Shunt/Static Exciter/RegulatorsPower Supply Regulator
20X2850-04 Siprotec0000-00-00SpaceMaker II Motor ControllerMotor Controller
I.L.16-800-133 Westinghouse1969-02-00Field Current ControllerCommission Control
I.B.5133H Westinghouse0000-00-00Synchronous ConvertersMotors
I.B.47-200-1 Westinghouse1954-04-00Three-Phase Automatic, Step-Type VOLTAGE REGULATOR Type URSVolt Meters
ASI-3253-REV-586 ASCO1985-00-00Group 9 Control Panel Instruction ManualMotor Controller
I.L46716 Westinghouse1953-04-00TEMPERATURE INDICATOR Two Switch-Dial Type Non-Submersible Remote IndicatingIndicators
I.B.1494-2 Westinghouse1957-11-00TYPE RC-5 TYPE RC-22 PRECIPITRON POWER PACKMotors
SNA-3 Basler Electric1998-07-00DGC-2000 DIGITAL GENSET CONTROLLERMotor Controller
I.L.46-716-4 Westinghouse1950-07-00TEMPERATURE INDICATORS Dial TypeIndicators
I.B.5216 Westinghouse0000-00-00TYPE S DRUM CONTACTOR CONTROLLERSContactors and Starters
SGIM-9088B Siemens1997-00-00Series 81000 5-7.2kV Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors Types 96H35 and 97H35(5kV) Types 96H37 and 97H37(7.2kV)Contactors and Starters
GEI-65084B General Electric0000-00-00Winding Temperature Equipment LOCAL, EYE-LEVEL, AND REMOTEIndicators
P.-M.S. ITE1968-03-01MOTOR-STARTER PANELBOARDSContactors and Starters
GEF-4551A General Electric0000-00-00IC302A HIGH VOLTAGE CONTACTORS IC302AA2----200A-2300V AB2----200A-4800V AC2----200A-5000V IC302AA4----400A-2300V AB4----400A-4800V AC4----400A-5000VContactors and Starters
C53000-G1176-C97-2 Siprotec0000-00-007UM516 V3.0 Numerical Machine ProtectionCommission Control
I.L.15-825-14A Westinghouse1972-02-00TYPE GCA SIZE 5 AC CONTACTOR 2 OR 3 POLES FRONT CONNECTEDContactors and Starters
1MRS-750406-MBG ABB1999-04-00Annunciator unitMotor Controller
800-2001C(BASE-R)-IB-02MC1 Beckwith Electric Co. Inc.2004-00-00M-2001C (BASE-R) Tapchanger ControlPower Supply Regulator
I.L.16956 Westinghouse1983-12-00Instructions for A200 Size 00, 0, 1 or 1P Single Phase Motor ControllerMotor Controller
CLASS6121.6131.6140.6170 Square D0000-00-00FRONTLINE DC Crane ControlMotor Controller
P.B.42667 Westinghouse1988-08-00MCT-250 Metering and Control Transponder EMETCON AUTOMATED DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMIndicators
I.L.432002A Westinghouse1960-09-00EXPLORING COIL TEMPERATURE INDICATORSIndicators
SWA-7 Basler Electric2001-08-00CLASS 200 EQUIPMENT APR SERIES VOLTAGE REGULATORPower Supply Regulator
CLASS8944 Square D1982-10-001000 VOLT AC CONTACTORSContactors and Starters
CLASS8931 Square D1982-06-00Type NLC Lighting Control PanelsMotor Controller
I.L.41944 Westinghouse1977-04-00RESERVE SIGNAL DETECTOR FOR TC AND KR CARRIERIndicators
S.G.8700 Westinghouse1988-06-01Technical Assistance/Accutrol Startup Accutrol Adjustable Frequency ControllersContactors and Starters
I.L.433711 Westinghouse1959-06-00C-371 MOTOR LOAD INDICATOR 4 1/2 INCH CLASS - PANEL INSTRUMENTIndicators
I.L.43210 Westinghouse0000-00-00Types SX, SY and SY-2 InstrumentsIndicators
D.D.S.7008 Westinghouse1988-02-29Motor ControlMotor Controller
I.L.7000 Westinghouse1954-10-00MAGNETIC CONTROLLERSMotor Controller
I.B.4000 Westinghouse0000-00-00DIRECT-CURRENT GENERATORS AND MOTORSGenerators
BULLETINCC3830 Siemens1989-01-00Siprotec Series 81000 5KV Medium Voltage Control OEM KitVolt Meters
I.L.16-800-266B Westinghouse1975-04-00GATE CONTROLLERMotor Controller
GEH-1504D General Electric1956-09-00SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR CONTROL With *IC7069-B1C Field Panel Having Slip-frequency Field Application and Power-factor Field Removal *(Also identified with prefix CR instead of IC)Motor Controller
D.B.106410 Westinghouse1988-07-00GENERAL PURPOSE CONTROLLER MICROPROCESSORMotor Controller
I.L.46-714-5 Westinghouse1954-07-00OIL FLOW INDICATORIndicators
I.B.5746 Westinghouse1937-12-00TYPE RR-5 REGISTER REGULATORPower Supply Regulator
I.L.1786 Westinghouse1934-09-00TYPE A DRUM CONTROLLER (FOR A-C AND D-C MOTORS)Motor Controller
Bulletin-94010.pdf Cooper Power Systems2002-00-00McGraw-Edison CL-5E Regulator ControlController
I.L.9022 Westinghouse1954-10-00DC GENERAL PURPOSE REVERSING TIMESTARTERS Class 9022Motor Starters
55416-000 Toshiba2003-08-00BATTERY CABINET SYSTEM SINGLE PHASE- 8/10/14/18 kVA 1600EP SERIESPower Supply Regulator
21-115527-001 Siprotec0000-00-00ACCU/STAT MJ-3, MJ-2A, MJ-1A REGULATOR CONTROLPower Supply Regulator
I.L.1982 Westinghouse0000-00-00TYPES FH AND FT SINGLE PHASE MOTORSMotors
CLASS8934 Square D0000-00-00NORPAK LOAD DEMAND CONTROLController
06-117867-r2 Simpson Electric Co.0000-00-00Simpson 260 Series 9S & 9SP Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter Volt Meters
GEH-119P General Electric0000-00-00INSTRUCTIONS CR9503 SOLENOIDS FOR A-C AND D-C SERVICESolenoids
I.L.15-800-3 Westinghouse1953-07-00MAGNETIC CONTACTORS, TYPE M FRAMES M-810, M-810R AND M-910Contactors and Starters
BULLETIN1764 Allen Bradley2002-03-00Allen-Bradley Technical Data Micrologix 1500 Programmable ControllersMotor Controller
MICROMASTER 440 FX Siemens2002-00-00MICROMASTER 440 FX Maintenance InstructionsMotors
6SE7087-2NP85-0AA0 Siemens0000-00-00SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Operating InstructionsDrives
I.B. 6388 Westinghouse0000-00-00Westinghouse Steam Turbines BOLT TIGHTENINGSteam Turbines
I.L. 10508 Westinghouse1950-03-00INSTRUCTIONS REVERSING LIFE-LINESTARTER TYPE N CLASS 11-211N.1 SIZE 1Contactors and Starters
I.L.16-800-321 Westinghouse1975-07-02INPUT ISOLATION BOARD S# 1640A29Motor Controller
I.B.6206 Westinghouse1937-12-00IMPULSE BLADESSteam Turbines
21-115527-004-03 Siemens0000-00-00ACCU/STAT MJ-3A REGULATOR CONTROLPower Supply Regulator
800-0329B-IB-01MC2 Beckwith Electric Co. Inc.2003-09-00LTC BACKUP CONTROL M-0329BController
I.L.43440 Westinghouse1969-08-00TYPE 44 RECORDING INSTRUMENTS Indicators
I.B.6371 Westinghouse1941-01-00EXTRACTION VALVE SERVO-MOTOR Motors
I.B. 6165 Westinghouse0000-00-00Condensing, Extraction and Induction TurbineSteam Turbines
LS10711A Westinghouse1960-08-00DESIGN N jm-Lm CONTACTORnSIZES 3 a 4-2,3,4 a 5 POLES A..CnSTYLE NO.nV. CY.nWITHOUT ELECTRICAL INTERLOCKSContactors and Starters
I.B.6071 Westinghouse1936-10-00GlandsMotors
6.11.1 ITE1972-09-00Motor Starter Units for Panel Boards and SwitchboardsContactors and Starters
I.L15-825-2A Westinghouse1956-06-00Type NRL Latch-In ContactorsContactors and Starters
8231 Westinghouse1967-09-00A/200 Motor ControlMotor Controller
I.L.10509 Westinghouse1950-03-00Reversing Life-Linestarter Type N Class 11-211N.0Contactors and Starters
2942 Westinghouse1977-02-00Specific Purpose Life-Line T Multi-Speed MotorsMotors
1171F Basler Electric1993-10-00Class 300 Equipment MVC300 Electronic Manual Voltage ControlMotor Controller
GEH-2598 General Electric1967-03-00Lighting Arresters Model 9L11L SeriesMotors
DB-108 Square D1991-01-00Power Logic WorkstationsMotor Starters
I.B.5168 Westinghouse0000-00-00Type F A-C Magnetic ControllersContactors and Starters
SC-86 Square D1985-00-00FKV Motor ControllerController
I.L.10246A Westinghouse1957-10-00Magnetic Contactors, Type MMContactors and Starters
I.L.22-529-12 Westinghouse0000-00-00Class 22-529 Hoist DriveMotors
I.B.6396 Westinghouse0000-00-00LABYRINTH SEALSSteam Turbines
8547 Square D1983-10-00Reduced Voltage StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.4102 Federal Pacific1971-08-00Class 4102 and 4204 Size 5 AC CONTRACTOR AND STARTER MODEL CMotor Starters
I.L.12480 Westinghouse1959-02-00Life-Line StarterContactors and Starters
GEF-4607 General Electric0000-00-00Renewal Parts IC2800-Y108, IC2801-AY206, and IC2801-AY259 ContractorsContactors and Starters
I.B.6003 Westinghouse1937-10-00Journal Bearing and Thrust BearingSteam Turbines
I.B.6432 Westinghouse0000-00-00Governer ValveSteam Turbines ITE1972-06-00Non Reversisng Manual StartersMotor Starters
49916-001 Toshiba1999-07-00575 Volt Rating Variable Torque Adjustable Speed DriveDrives
I.B.6382 Westinghouse1940-12-00Steam ChestSteam Turbines
6SE7087-6NP87-2DD0 Siemens1997-00-00Simovert MasterdrivesDrives
I.L.10451 Westinghouse1950-06-00Type N Life-LinestarterContactors and Starters
6SE7087-6AK70 Siemens1997-08-00Simovert Master DrivesDrives
ES400-45 FANOX2004-07-10AC Semiconductor Motor Controller InstructionsMotor Controller
I.L.16-800-232 Westinghouse1972-12-00Type M4B Model C47 Thyristor Power System Field Start-Up ProceduresContactors and Starters
I.L.4332 Unknown0000-00-00Motor ControllersMotor Controller
I.B.15.5.1 ITE0000-00-00Metal-Enclosed, Low-Voltage Telemand Automaic Transfer UnitsPower Supply Regulator
Class8945 Square D1993-01-001500 VOLT AC CONTROLLERSMotor Controller
I.B.6090 Westinghouse1940-08-00Auxiliary Oil PumpSteam Turbines
I.B.6316 Westinghouse1940-06-00Condensing TurbineSteam Turbines
I.B.6156 Westinghouse1937-06-00Reaction BladingSteam Turbines
6SE7087-6AC85-0AA) Siemens1998-00-00SIMOVERT Master DrivesDrives
1761-IN001B-MU-P Allen Bradley2002-05-00Micrologix 1000 Programmable ControllersMotor Controller
C856 Square D1976-12-00Competitive High Voltage Starters Compared with Square D Class 8198 ISO-Flex StarterContactors and Starters
I.B.47-200-2 Westinghouse1955-06-00Three-Phase Sutomatic, Step-Type Voltage Regulator Type URSVolt Meters
8226 Westinghouse1991-10-01Advantage Nema Rated Full Voltage Magnetic Contactors and StartersContactors and Starters
8528-8539 Square D1982-01-00Combination StartersContactors and Starters
acd 2 Siemens0000-00-00Basic AC DrivesDrives
C-700 I-Gard0000-00-00Zero Sequence Current SensorsIndicators
SFPC-14010-1097 Siemens1997-00-00ESP 100 Solid-State OverloadsContactors and Starters
SG8900 Westinghouse1988-06-01Series 2100 StartupMotor Starters
I.B.6376 Westinghouse1940-10-00Tandem Compound, Condensing TurbineSteam Turbines ITE1972-09-00Motor Cotrol Performance Standards CoilsCoils
15-825-17B Westinghouse1976-04-00Type GCD Size 6 AC ContactorContactors and Starters
DB8720 Westinghouse0000-00-00Accutrol 300 High Efficiency Adjustable Frequency Motor ControlMotor Control Centers
I.B.6392 Westinghouse1940-12-00Steam ChestSteam Turbines
I.L.3137 Westinghouse1938-11-00Westinghous Variable Voltage Planer CotrollerController
1MRK-502-004-BEN ABB2002-02-00Numerical generator protectionGenerators
I.B.6072 Westinghouse1936-10-00Oil PumpOil Pump
I.L.16-800-24 Westinghouse0000-00-00Gate Pulse GeneratorGenerators
DS-ES FANOX0000-00-00Soft Starters and Motor ControllerMotor Controller
I.L.432002 Westinghouse1954-01-00Exploring Coil Temperature IndicatorsCoils
I.B.9810-1 Westinghouse1956-12-00Mechanical Differential Speed Error Detecting UnitIndicators
I.L.424116 Federal Pacific1972-02-00Class 4241 Model C Magnetic Part Winding Motor StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.3500-1-SK1 Westinghouse1951-04-00Diect Current Life-Line Motors and Generators Type SK, 5 to 30 HP, 3 to 25 KWGenerators
I.L.3100-9-CSP-1D Westinghouse1950-10-00Squirrel-Cage Life-Line Motors Splash-Proof, Type CSP, 1 to 20 HPMotors
Class7004 Square D1968-03-00DC Magnetic Contactors Front Connected Type HContactors and Starters
I.L.10459 Westinghouse1950-05-00Life-Line Contactor Type N-150 Class 15-825 N1 5 Pole, Size 1Contactors and Starters
I.L.16-800-362 Westinghouse1978-11-00M4CH Thyristor Power Converter and Basic RegulatorContactors and Starters
I.L.16958 Westinghouse1983-12-00Instructions for A200, Size 00, 0 or 1 3 Pole Motor ControllerMotor Controller
Class8702 Square D1967-11-00AC Reversing Magnetic ContactorsContactors and Starters
I.B.5176 Westinghouse0000-00-00Motor Generators and Frequency ChangersGenerators
I.L.11-700-1B Westinghouse1960-12-00Life Line Control Magnetic Part Winding Motor Starters Time Limit AccelerationContactors and Starters
I.L.2100 Westinghouse1934-10-00Types FR,FU and FV Single Phase MotorsMotors
I.B.22-420 Westinghouse1972-04-00Heavy Duty Steel Mill Magnetic Controllers Class 2240Motor Controller
I.L.6000 Westinghouse1959-02-00A-C Magnetic Contactors Type IDN-Size 0 and 1Contactors and Starters
Descriptive Bulletin 8744 Westinghouse1993-04-00Accutrol 400 Adjustable Frequency Motor ControlMotor Controller
Class-8198 Square D1981-01-00Medium Voltage Controllers - Model 2Motor Controller
I.L.16-800-46A Westinghouse1967-02-00P104 Operational ControllerMotor Controller
6SE7187-6AX80-2AA0 Siemens1998-00-00Simovert Masterdrives Active Front End (AFE) Contstruction type E to LDrives
53213 ITE1940-11-18Coil Data B350 SolenoidSolenoids
6SE7087-2NP87-3CR0 Siemens0000-00-00Simovert Masterdrives DC Link Module Compact Plus TypeDrives
I.B.6272 Westinghouse1939-10-00GlandsGlands
I.B.6171 Westinghouse1938-04-00Reaction BladingSteam Turbines
30072-450-47A Square D2002-07-00ALTIVAR FLEX58 TRX Adjustable Speed Chassis Drive ControllersDrives
I.L.948-D Westinghouse0000-00-00Search Coil Temperature IndicatorIndicators
I.L.17047A Westinghouse1988-12-00Instructions for Type SJO 720 Ampere, 7200 Volt Vacuum ContactorContactors and Starters
DB-41-765M ABB1999-06-00Generator Protection Unit 2000RGenerators
I.L.14-500-1 Westinghouse1960-06-00Motor Operated RheostatMotor Control Centers
I.L.16-800-241 Westinghouse0000-00-00Thyristor Gate DriverDrives
I.L.14-000-1B Westinghouse1957-01-00SLIPSYN Synchronous Motor ControlController
6SE7087-6NP87-0FB0 Siemens1999-00-00EMC-Filter Compact Plus TypeDrives
I.B.6250 Westinghouse0000-00-00Extraction Valve Servo-MotorSteam Turbines
GEH-5306 General Electric0000-00-00GE CR193 Vacuum Limitamp ContactorsContactors and Starters
E11026 The Bristol Company1955-09-00Bristol's Series "500" VoltmeterVolt Meters
I.L.16-800-288 Westinghouse0000-00-00M5B Variable RegulatorMotor Controller
I.L.10708-C Westinghouse1959-12-00Type L-60 Electrical Interlock for use with Sizes 3 and 4 Life-Linestarters and Types NR, NRD and NRL ContactorsContactors and Starters
I.L.16-800-140 Westinghouse1967-10-00Size 7-9 Transductor For Use in S-56Motor Controller
Class 8903 Square D1981-01-00Lighting ContactorsContactors and Starters
STYLENUMBERINDEX29330 Westinghouse1970-06-00MCP Motor Circuit Protector and Type EL Current LimiterOther
I.B.5416 Westinghouse1936-07-00Small Geared Turbines Type HNCSteam Turbines
I.B.5193 Westinghouse0000-00-00Small Direct-Connected Turbine-Generator UnitsGenerators
I.B.6007 Westinghouse1936-10-00Auto Stop Governor and Quick Closing ValveSteam Turbines
EP-6 Siemens1995-00-00Step 2000 Basics of AC DrivesDrives
I.L.48902 Westinghouse1956-04-00AC Magnetic Brakes Type AKBrakes
I.B.8066 Westinghouse0000-00-00Overspeed Trip MechanismSteam Turbines
I.B.6159 Westinghouse1940-04-00Control and Oil SystemOil Pump
I.B.5207 Westinghouse0000-00-00Main Roll Drives A-C and D-C MotorsMotors
I.L.41-825.1 Westinghouse0000-00-00Type TW Transmitter For High Impulse TelemeteringMotor Controller
B-8F-01-S-E Cutler-Hammer2007-11-00Vacuum Starters and ContactorsContactors and Starters
I.L.16-800-105 Westinghouse1967-10-00EO1 Gate Pulse Generator For Use In S-56Generators
I.B.6167 Westinghouse0000-00-00Auxiliary Oil PumpOil Pump
I.B.5188 Westinghouse0000-00-00Turbines for Mechanical Drive-Type AMDSteam Turbines
GEP-9030 General Electric1992-00-00GE Fastrac MCC Units Program 8000 Line Starters and FeedersMotor Starters
I.L.424628 Federal Pacific0000-00-00CLASS 4246 MODEL C MAGNETIC REDUCED VOLTAGE STARTERContactors and Starters
200P026H01 Westinghouse1981-02-00Ampgard Installation Instructions 25L7 and 50L7 StartersContactors and Starters
6SE7087-6KN50 Siemens2006-00-00SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVESDrives
I.L.3810-2A Westinghouse1956-04-00Squirrel-Cage Life-Line Motors Type CSP, for Navy Service (Frames 364 through 505 with Prelubricated Ball Bearings)Motors
6SE7087-6XX00 Siemens1997-06-00SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Vector Control for Lifts (VCL)Drives
I.L.1931 Westinghouse1937-02-00Type SK Motors and Generators-Frames F-20, W-204, W-224, W-225 and F-225 (Direct Current-Shunt, Compound and Series Wound)Motors
I.B.6023 Westinghouse1936-03-00Impulse BladesSteam Turbines
8804-10 Square D1987-11-00omegapak Adjustable Frequency ControllerController
I.B.6157 Westinghouse1937-06-00CouplingSteam Turbines
I.L.4843-B Westinghouse1950-07-00Life-Linestarter Class 11-200N.2 Type N, Size 2Contactors and Starters
8536 Square D1981-01-00Type S Motor StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.3100-3-CSP-1 Westinghouse1951-04-00Squirrel Cage Life-Line Motors Totally Enclosed, Fan-Cooled, Type CSP, 2 to 20 HPMotors
I.B.6298 Westinghouse1940-06-00Operation (Non-Condensing Turbine)Steam Turbines
I.L.16959 Westinghouse1983-12-00A200 Size 2,3 Pole Motor ControllerMotor Controller
6605 Westinghouse1970-11-00Dimension Sheet Spiraline Right Angle Gearmotors Type A Single and Helical Worm Solid and Hollow ShaftMotors
I.L.14-515-1 Westinghouse1950-09-00D-C Field Rheostats Types LK and LRMotors
I.L.4700-2 Westinghouse1961-05-00Westinghouse A-C to D-C and M-G Sets Unit Frame Sizes 0900 to 2000 L.L.A.-SK-HMotors
I.B.6148 Westinghouse1937-10-00Condensing, Extraction TurbineSteam Turbines
I.L.16-800-131 Westinghouse1969-02-00GPG DriverDrives
R.P.D.15-801B1 Westinghouse1966-08-00d-c magnetic contactors type MM-100 and 150 ampereContactors and Starters
I.B.6175 Westinghouse1937-10-00Non-Condensing TurbineSteam Turbines
I.L.16-800-293 Westinghouse1975-04-00Basic Systems Drives (BSD) Tension Sequencer - BasicDrives
SUPPLEMENTTORENEWALPARTSDATA8855 Westinghouse1992-04-00Generic Guide for Selecting "Start-Up" and "Running" Spare Parts for Ampgard Motor StartersMotor Starters
I.L.0334 Federal Pacific1971-11-00Motor ControllersMotor Controller
I.L.46-717-17 Westinghouse1960-10-00Temperature Indicator Hottest Spot Dial Type Non-Submersible, Remote IndicatingIndicators
I.B.6387 Westinghouse0000-00-00Air Ejector UnitSteam Turbines
53214 Brown Boveri Electric1940-11-19Coil DataCoils
I.L.15-331-1 Westinghouse1956-08-00Type SA BrakesBrakes
I.B.6122 Westinghouse1937-03-00Oil Pump (Oil Turbine Driven)Oil Pump
BulletinSC-75R2 Square D1989-00-00LineArc Type M ContactorContactors and Starters
GEZ-7752 General Electric1990-00-00Spectra 700 ControlContactors and Starters
440 GX PB Siemens2002-00-00MICROMASTER 440 GXDrives
AE00280550-01 Siemens2004-03-00HMI device TP 170micro, TP 170A, TP 170B, OP 170B (WinCC flexible) Drives
I.L.1621-C Westinghouse1931-08-00Type CS-SK Motor-Generator SetsGenerators
I.B.6164 Westinghouse1940-04-00Combined non-condesing, superposed, feed-heating turbineSteam Turbines
I.B.36-250-2 Westinghouse1957-12-00Motor Operating Mechanism Type T-2Motors
I.B.6205 Westinghouse1937-12-00Control and Oil SystemSteam Turbines
6GA7100-3BA76 Siemens2002-10-00DRIVEPAC Anti-Sway Conrol for Cranes for T400 Technology Module in SIMOVERT MASTER DRIVES 6SE70/71 and SIMOREG DC-MASTER 6RA70     Drives
I.B.6166 Westinghouse1940-02-00Throttle ValveSteam Turbines
I.L.2210 Westinghouse1936-04-00Class 7210 Direct-Current Starting and Speed Regulating RheostatController
I.B.8082 Westinghouse1942-03-00Governing ValveSteam Turbines
I.B.6201 Westinghouse0000-00-00Throttle ValveSteam Turbines
I.L.3235 Westinghouse1940-06-00Position Indicator Dial Type Motor and Transmiter UnitIndicators
I.B.6218 Westinghouse1938-04-00GlandsGlands
430 GX CIB Siemens2002-00-00MicroMaster 430 GXDrives
I.L.46-723-16 Westinghouse1952-07-00Electrical Interlock MAG Break Disconnect or Selector Switch (Interlock Lock When Energized)Interlocks
6SE7087-2NP87-0FB0 Siemens1999-00-00Simovert Masterdives EMC-Filter Compact PLUS TypeDrives
I.B.6062 Westinghouse1936-10-00100 Kw Geared Turbine Generator UnitsSteam Turbines
6SE7087-8NP87-0FB0 Siemens1999-00-00Simovert Masterdrives EMC-Filter Compact PLUS TypeDrives
SZK-5 Basler Electric1999-09-0015 Amp DECS DIGITAL EXCITATION CONTROL SYSTEMGenerators
I.L.2057 Westinghouse1936-09-00Gearmotors Instructions for Correct Lubrication and MaintenanceMotors
6SE7087-6KD50 Siemens1999-10-00SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVES Motion Control Inverter (DC-AC) Compact TypeDrives
MVC-9019 Siemens1992-00-00Series 81000⢠Controller with Drawout Vacuum ContactorsContactors and Starters
I.L.22-1000-3 Westinghouse0000-00-0022-1000 Adjustable Speed DrivesDrives
Factorymodsandforms Square D1981-01-00Factory Modifications and Forms for ac Magnetic Contactors and StartersContactors and Starters
I.B.6147 Westinghouse0000-00-00Governor AnticipatorSteam Turbines
I.B.6197 Westinghouse0000-00-00Governor, Governing Valve and Oil PumpSteam Turbines
I.B.6209 Westinghouse0000-00-00GlandsGlands
I.B.6031 Westinghouse1936-06-00Bleeder or Inlet Pressure Regulator Type BD-1-BExhaust Pressure Regulator
I.B.6137 Westinghouse1938-11-00ROTOR POSITION MICROMETERSteam Turbines
Class8738.8739 Square D1982-01-00Combination Starters ReversingContactors and Starters
I.L.16-800-299 Westinghouse0000-00-00Model OB 16 Analog-Digital Hybrid ControllerController
I.B.6186 Westinghouse1937-08-00Blading (Rateau Stage)Steam Turbines
6.0.1 ITE1967-07-15Motor Control General DescriptionMotor Controller
20X9759-0 Allis-Chalmers0000-00-00SPCA MAKR Type 456 ContactorContactors and Starters
51546-007 Toshiba2003-00-00G7 Adjustable Speed Drive Operation ManualDrives
Class8922 Square D1983-04-00Qwik-Stop Electronic Motor BrakeBrakes
I.B.5189 Westinghouse0000-00-00Westinghouse Steel Mill Type Direct-Current Motors and BrakesMotors
I.B.6178 Westinghouse0000-00-00GlandsGlands
I.B.6398 Westinghouse1941-02-00Journal BearingSteam Turbines
I.B.50006-316-02A Square D1992-11-00Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactor Type X2720 2-Pole and X3720 3-Pole (DC Control Power) Class 8110Contactors and Starters
I.B.6138 Westinghouse1939-07-00Low Oil Pressure TripSteam Turbines
I.B.6067 Westinghouse1936-10-00Nozzle Control ValveSteam Turbines
I.L.12510 Westinghouse1958-06-00Reversing Life-Line Contacter Size 1, 3 or 4 Pole Coil StyleContactors and Starters
I.L.16960 Westinghouse1983-12-00Instructions for A201, A211, A251 Size 00, 0 or 1 Magnetic Contactor Non-reversing or ReversingContactors and Starters
I.B.6203 Westinghouse1937-11-00Control and Oil SystemSteam Turbines
I.L.4892-C Westinghouse1950-08-00Life-Linestarter Class 11-200N.1 Three Pole, Type N, Size 1Contactors and Starters
2820 Westinghouse1976-10-05Small Motors Standard and Stock RatingsMotors
6SE7016-3ES87-2DC0 Siemens0000-00-00Braking ResistorBrakes
CLASS8965 Square D1981-01-00Hoist ContactorsContactors and Starters
I.L.10438 Westinghouse1950-03-00Life-Linecontactor Type N 250 Class 15-825 N.2 5 Pole, Size 2Contactors and Starters
I.B.6149 Westinghouse1940-12-00Impulse TurbineSteam Turbines
I.B.6146 Westinghouse1937-10-00Condensing, Extraction TurbineSteam Turbines
CC3326 Siemens1990-00-00SAMMS Siemens Advanced Motor Master SystemMotors
440 GX PSup Siemens2002-00-00MicroMaster 440 GXDrives
I.L.1710 Westinghouse1936-02-00"Start-Stop" and "3 Position" Push Button Class 15-016 Moulded TypePush Buttons
I.L.22-500-84 Westinghouse0000-00-00Class 11-840 Drive For Two Speed Reversing MotorsDrives
I.B.6227 Westinghouse1938-07-00Impulse BladesSteam Turbines
6SE7087-6AE85-0AA0 Siemens1998-00-00Simovert Master DrivesDrives
6SE6400-5AD00-1AP1 Siemens2005-07-00MicroMaster 420/430/440Drives
I.L.22-1000-2 Westinghouse0000-00-00Type 22-1000 Three Phase Adjustable Speed Drive Systems Description of Electrical OperationDrives
I.B.9500 Westinghouse1951-07-00Heavy-Duty Steel Mill Magnetic Controllers Class 9500Motor Controller
I.L.10439 Westinghouse1950-03-00Reversing Life-Linestarter Type N Class 11-210N.O Size 0Contactors and Starters
I.L.16-800-352 Westinghouse1977-12-00R632 Basic Regulating SystemPower Supply Regulator
I.L.1477E Westinghouse1981-01-00ControllersController
I.B.6233 Westinghouse1938-07-00Vacuum BreakerSteam Turbines
I.L.10449 Westinghouse1951-03-00Life-Linecontactor Type N 120 Class 15-825 N.1 2 Pole, Size 1Contactors and Starters
I.L.12953 Westinghouse0000-00-00Size 00 Non-Reversing StarterContactors and Starters
I.B.5164 Westinghouse0000-00-00Motor-Generator Equipment For Motion Picture ProjectionGenerators
I.B.6232 Westinghouse1938-07-00Oil Pump (Motor Driven)Oil Pump
6SE7087-6AD30 Siemens1995-00-00SIMOVERT Master Drives Servo Control (SC) Types A to D AC-ACDrives
I.L.10436-A Westinghouse1951-06-00Life-Linecontactor, Type N 220, Class 15-825 N.2, 2 Pole, Size 2Contactors and Starters
I.B.6151 Westinghouse0000-00-00Overspeed Trip MechanismSteam Turbines
8804-5 Square D1986-06-001·10 Horsepower 1000, 1500,2000,3000 Type PT CONTROLLERSController
I.B.6065 Westinghouse1936-10-00Governor, Steam Chest and Throttle ValveSteam Turbines
3TL603TL61 Siemens1992-00-00Replacing of magnet coils and resistorCoils
I.L.3500-4 Westinghouse1953-06-00Direct-Current Life-Line Motors and Generators Types SK, 5 to 30 HP, 3 to 25 KWMotors
I.L.15-827-21B Westinghouse1976-04-00Overload Protection Assembly For Use With GCA Size 6 ContactorsContactors and Starters
46887-002 Toshiba1998-02-00H3 Adjustable Speed DriveDrives
I.L.16-800-129A Westinghouse1968-12-00Voltage ControllerMotor Controller
I.B.6278 Westinghouse1940-04-00"Radial Clearance" Labyrinth SealSteam Turbines
430 FX PB Siemens2002-00-00MicroMaster 430 FXDrives
I.B.6142 Westinghouse1937-10-00Non-Condensing TurbineSteam Turbines
UKR-6 Basler Electric1993-03-00Class 200 Equipment SCP 250 Var/Power Factor ControllerMotor Controller
I.L.15-825-5C Westinghouse1959-08-00Type GP--Size 5--A-C Contactors 2-3-4-5 Pole Front or Rear ConnectedContactors and Starters
I.L.15-829-1A Westinghouse1953-11-00Electrical Interlocks Type L-61Interlocks
I.B.6152 Westinghouse1937-10-00Condensing, Double Extraction TurbineSteam Turbines
I.L.15-516-3 Westinghouse1957-03-00Type RKM Motor Driven Operating Mechanism For D.C. Field RheostatsController
C53000-G1176-C155-2 Siemens0000-00-00Distance Protection 7SA522Drives
8198-4 Square D1981-12-00630A, 5KV One High Medium Voltage ControllorController
6432D22H01 Westinghouse1981-02-0072L2 StarterContactors and Starters
I.L.3283-B Westinghouse1948-09-00Type DN Multi-Pole ContactorContactors and Starters
DB-11-150 Westinghouse1984-06-00Ampgard Medium Voltage StartersContactors and Starters
6SE7087-8CX87-2DA0 Siemens2004-00-00SIMOVERT MASTERDRIVESDrives
Index2398 Westinghouse1975-12-00Horizontal Medium AC MotorsMotors
I.L.16-200-8 Westinghouse0000-00-00Type LF-25H230 and LF-50H230 AC ContactorsContactors and Starters
6AT1880-0AA00-1BC0-13 Siemens0000-00-00Masterdrives MC with F01 sensor changeoverDrives
I.B.6048 Westinghouse1936-09-00Impulse BladesSteam Turbines
I.L.16-800-115 Westinghouse1967-11-00E09 Voltage Sensor For Use in S-56FVolt Meters
I.B.6155 Westinghouse1937-06-00Thrust Bearing Adjusting MechanismSteam Turbines
DIMENSIONSHEET2986 Westinghouse1978-02-00Moduline Speed ReducersShaft Reducers
I.B.6183 Westinghouse1938-02-00High Pressure, Non-Condensing TurbineSteam Turbines
GEH-1938 General Electric1956-09-00IC7160 Limitamp Controllers With Air-Break Contactor And 30-Inch Deep Panel 2300, 4000 and 4800 Volts, A-CController
8800SM0101T Square D2003-00-00Altivar 11 AC DrivesDrives
GET-6840 General Electric1996-00-00Vacuum Limitamp ControlController
I.L.1674 Westinghouse1936-02-00Type L-7 Electrical Interlocks For Alternating and Direct Current Make, Break and Make and BreakInterlocks
I.B.6063 Westinghouse1936-10-00Combined Journal and Thrust BearingSteam Turbines
I.B.6189 Westinghouse1937-11-00Condensing Turbine Type ASteam Turbines
I.B.6235 Westinghouse1940-12-00Washing Turbines To Remove Carry-Over DepositsSteam Turbines
I.L.22-1000-26 Westinghouse0000-00-00Type 22-1000 Three Phase Adjustable Speed Drive Systems Description of Electrical OperationDrives
I.L.16-800-106 Westinghouse1967-10-00E02 Current Controller and Gate Pulse Supression for Use in S-56Controller
I.L.2170 Westinghouse1937-11-00Type L-39 Electrical InterlockInterlocks
GEF-3912 General Electric1954-07-00Type GM-7 Ground and Test Device and Type S-10B-1 Solenoid MechanismSolenoids
I.L.3661 Westinghouse1958-05-00Moduline Gear Motors Speed Reducers Package Motor ReducersMotors
6SE7086-4AH85-1BA0 Siemens1997-00-00SIMOVERT Master Drives Common Rectifier and Rectifier/Regenerating Units with water cooling, Size HDrives
MVC-9011 Siemens1995-02-00Medium Voltage Controllers-Series 81000Motor Controller
I.B.19-613A Westinghouse1973-04-00AccurCon II Static Fixed Frequency Inverters Master Pulse GeneratorsGenerators
I.L.16-800-382 Westinghouse1982-04-00Micro Prodac Monitor SystemDrives
I.L.2315 Westinghouse1938-05-00Class 15-066 Pressure GovernorContactors and Starters
I.L.2102 Westinghouse1934-07-00Types FJ, FL and FT Single Phase MotorsMotors
E50417-G1176-C152-A5 Siemens0000-00-00DIGSI4Drives
I.L.10708 Westinghouse1956-07-00Type L-60 Electrical Interlock for use with Sizes 3 and 4 Life-Linestarters and Types NR, NRD and NRL ContactorsInterlocks
I.L.13189 Westinghouse1964-10-00A/200 Series Mechanical InterlocksInterlocks
I.L.2807 Westinghouse1938-10-00Type C Push Button StationsPush Buttons
I.L.10452 Westinghouse1950-06-00Life-Linestarter Class 11-200N.0 Single Phase, 2 Pole, Type N, Size 0Contactors and Starters
I.L.P.103.300I Westinghouse1970-01-00Synchronous Motor ControlMotor Control Centers
MVC-9108-01 Siemens1994-00-00SAMMS-MV⢠Siemens Advanced Motor Master System for Medium Voltage MotorsMotor Control Centers
I.L.46-713-1 Westinghouse1954-11-00WATER FLOW INDICATORSIndicators
53214-3-5 Brown Boveri 1940-11-19Coil DataCoils
6SE7087-6BH70 Siemens1996-12-00SIMOVERT MASTER DRIVES Chassis units (Types E - H) DC-ACDrives
I.B.6005 Westinghouse1937-02-00GlandsGlands
I.B.6131 Westinghouse1937-06-00Steam ChestSteam Turbines
I.B.6273 Westinghouse1940-09-00Steam ChestSteam Turbines
SPECIFICATIONDATA8180 Westinghouse1972-11-00Ac Manual Motor StartersMotor Starters
I.L.1477 Westinghouse1957-08-00ControllersController
I.B.9.1.07A Brown Boveri 0000-00-00I-T-E Kirk Key InterlocksInterlocks
I.B.6399 Westinghouse1941-02-00Overspeed Trip MechanismSteam Turbines
06 CC General Electric2008-01-00IEC Manual Motor StartersMotor Starters
6ND-3 Basler Electric1999-06-00ENGEN-100/ENGEN-200 Engine Generator ControllerMotor Controller
AP-9-1-0-3-1B Brown Boveri 1984-11-00KIRK Key Interlocks Application SchemesInterlocks
DIMENSIONSHEET8240 Westinghouse1967-09-00A/200 Motor ControlContactors and Starters
MVC-9018 Siemens1991-10-00Series 81000 Controller with Draw-Out Vacuum ContactorsController
02 CC General Electric2008-01-00Reduced Voltage StartersContactors and Starters
52854-001 Toshiba2003-04-00H7 Adjustable Speed Drive Operation ManualDrives
I.B.3700-SR-1 Westinghouse1949-08-00Speed Reducers Horizontal-Parallel Shaft Types SH and SVR-Single Reduction DG and DVR-Double ReductionSpeed Reducer
I.L.6850 Westinghouse1959-02-00A-C Non-Reversing Linestarters Class 6850-Sizes 0,1,2,3,4, and 5Motor Starters
I.L.22-1000-29 Westinghouse0000-00-0022-1000 Regenerative Drive (C201) 1/4 - 5 HPDrives
DB-3-7-3-1A Brown Boveri 0000-00-00Series 7850VAC Medium Voltage Motor StartersMotor Starters
6SE7087-6BD30 Siemens1998-06-00Simovert Master Drives Servo Control (SC) Types A to D DC-ACDrives
6SE7087-6CX87-1FC0 Siemens2004-00-00simovert masterdrives vector controlDrives
I.L.4833 Westinghouse1954-08-00Interlock Assembly Class 15-022 Type OT PushbuttonsInterlocks
8804-3 Square D1988-03-00Omegapak Adjustable Frequency ControllerController
I.B.6010 Westinghouse1939-03-00Steam ChestSteam Turbines
I.B.6158 Westinghouse1937-06-00Overspeed Trip MechanismSteam Turbines
I.L.8522 Westinghouse1954-10-00DC General Purpose Non-Reversing Timestarters Class 8522Contactors and Starters
I.L.3500-7-SK-13 Westinghouse1961-03-00Direct-Current Life-Line Motors and Generators Type SK-H, TEFC Industrial and Explosion ProofMotors
I.L.16-800-114 Westinghouse1967-11-00E08 Field Function Generator For Use in S-56FGenerators
C79000-V8576-C118-01 Siemens0000-00-00S5-155H Programmable Controller (CPU 948R)Controller
MOTORCONTROLA-CREDUCEDVOLTAGE6.3.2 ITE0000-00-00Class A55 A-C Reduced-Voltage StartersContactors and Starters
I.B.6425 Westinghouse1942-12-00Governor, Governing Valve, and Oil PumpOil Pump
GEK-64467 General Electric1986-00-00Zone Selective Interlock Module For Micro VersaTrip RMS-9 and Epic Micro VersaTrip Solid-State ProgrammersInterlocks
MCC-3298-01 Siemens1995-00-00SAMMS-LV Siemens Advanced Motor Master System for Low Voltage MotorsMotor Control Centers
DIMENSIONSHEET5240 Westinghouse1956-10-00a-c magnetic brakes floor or motor mountingBrakes
6RX1700-0BD76 Siemens2005-00-00SIMOREG CM 6RA70 Series Control Module with microprocessor for Variable-Speed DC DrivesDrives
I.L.46-712-1 Westinghouse1950-05-00PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE Style No. 1576 123Other
GEH-1052B General Electric1956-09-00CR2940 Push Button and Signal StarterPush Buttons
I.L.2103 Westinghouse1949-03-00Type HI Hydraulic Operated (Thruster) BrakesBrakes
I.B.6130 Westinghouse1937-06-00Governor (Transformer Type)Steam Turbines
BULLETIN1762 Allen Bradley2002-03-00MicroLogix 1200 Programmable ControllersController
BPU-2A-M Startco Engineering Ltd.1994-00-00BEARING PROTECTION UNITOther
430 COM en 1006 Siemens2006-10-00MicroMaster 430 7.5 kW-250kWDrives
6F9G0134 Toshiba0000-00-00High-Voltage Vacuum ContactorsContactors and Starters
I.L.3100-2 Westinghouse1953-01-00Squirrel-Cage Life-Line Motors Splash and Drip-Proof, Type CSP Frames 580 Through 683 Sleeve or Ball BearingsMotors
I.B.6168 Westinghouse1938-04-00Condensing Turbine Type "A"Steam Turbines
9109600990A Basler Electric1985-12-00Current Boost System Models: CBS 344 CBS 377Other
54963-000 Toshiba2003-11-00Q7 Adjustable Speed Drive Installation and Operation Manual DocumentDrives
I.B.6225 Westinghouse1938-06-00THROTTLE VALVESteam Turbines
6SE7087-6NP87-3CR0 Siemens1999-00-00Simovert Masterdrives DC Link Module Compact PLUS TypeDrives
C53000-G1876-C103-3 Siemens2002-00-00Bay Processing Unit 6MD665 V 4.2Drives
I.B.9560 Westinghouse1949-11-00WESTINGHOUSE ROTOTROL Rotating RegulatorGenerators
BULLETINCC3802-02 Siemens1988-00-00Series 81000 Vacuum ControllersController
I.B.6288 Westinghouse1940-09-00EXHAUST REGULATORExhaust Pressure Regulator
I.B.15.2-1A Gould Brown Boveri0000-00-00Key InterlockInterlocks
GEH-3091 General Electric1985-01-00Controllers with Draw-out Air-break ContactorController
CLASSOVERLOADSELECTION Square D1981-01-00Thermal Unit Selection for Superseded DevicesContactors and Starters
I.B.5545A Westinghouse1943-05-00Carbon Pile Speed Matching RegulatorPower Supply Regulator
I.L.2546 Westinghouse1948-07-00Westinghouse Type Dn Contactors Sizes 0 and 1Contactors and Starters
SRC-1 Basler Electric1999-03-00PSS-100 Power System StabilizerOther
I.B.6068 Westinghouse1936-10-00Oil Relief ValveSteam Turbines
C-857B Square D1986-00-005000 Volt Class ControllersMotor Controller
I.L.1733 Westinghouse1948-05-00TYPE M EDGEWOUND RESISTORSMotor Controller
I.L.13144-D Westinghouse1976-07-00Instructions for A/200 Contactor NEMA Size 00, 0, 1Contactors and Starters
I.L.16-800-380 Westinghouse0000-00-00PMC Processor Board 1993A23Drives
B-48J-01-S-E Cutler-Hammer1998-00-00Ampgard Direct Replacement ContactorsContactors and Starters
I.B.6009 Westinghouse1936-12-00Auxiliary Oil PumpOil Pump
I.L.2017 Westinghouse1936-02-00Type A Timetactors, Single Pole Frames AT-1, AT-2, AT-3, AT-9, AT-14, AT-18 and AT-20Contactors and Starters
DIMENSIONSHEET29370 Westinghouse1969-11-00Motor Circuit ProtectorOther
I.L.15129 Westinghouse1979-12-00Instructions for Installing Mechanical Cable Interlock Two Vertically Arranged, Adjacent Drawout SPB BreakersInterlocks
I.L.2870 Westinghouse1938-08-00A-C Generators Rotating Field Type G Rotating Armature Type SK with Oil Lubricated Sleeve BearingGenerators
ES-INSTRUCTIONS ES2001-10-00Soft StartersMotor Starters
TYPE81H2AND81H3 Siemens-Allis0000-00-005 kv High Voltage Contactors AC Air Break Type 81H2 and 81H3Contactors and Starters
I.L.22-523-10 Westinghouse0000-00-00Class 22-523 Hoist Drive with D.C. Dynamic BreakingDrives
C53000-G1840-C101-7 Siemens2004-00-00Input / Output Unit with Local Control 6MD63Drives
SNU-1 Basler Electric1984-10-00Class 100 Equipment DSE 110, 220 Static Exciter RegulatorsMotor Controller
I.L.16964 Westinghouse1983-12-00Instructions for A210, A250 Size 2, Reversing Motor ControllerMotor Controller
I.B.6200 Westinghouse1940-09-00LUBRICATIONSteam Turbines
I.L.16-800-321A Westinghouse1975-12-00Input Isolation Board S#1640A29Other
I.L.15-825-7 Westinghouse1955-04-00Type NF A-C Contactors 2 or 3 Pole Sizes 6-7-8 Rear ConnectedContactors and Starters
I.L.46-713-8 Westinghouse1954-08-00The RC "DynAC Brake"Brakes
I.B.6289 Westinghouse1939-11-00OPERATION (Condensing Extraction Turbine)Steam Turbines
MVC-9028 Siemens1991-10-00Series 81000 5.72kV Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors Type 90H35(5kV); Type 90H37(7.2kV)Contactors and Starters
I.L.11737 Unknown0000-00-003 Phase Power AmplifierOther
DESCRIPTIVEBULLETIN43805 Westinghouse1979-06-00Pulse Tachometers Type B-801Other
6SE7087-8NP87-3CR0 Siemens1999-00-00Simovert Master Drive DC Link Module Compact PLUS TypeDrives
6SE6400-5AE00-0BP0 Siemens2006-10-00MICROMASTER 430 7.5 kW - 250 kWDrives
I.L.424218 Federal Pacific1972-01-00A-C GENERAL PURPOSE STARTERS CLASS 4242 AND 4243 FOR STAR-DELTA MOTORS Model C, Open and Closed TransitionMotor Starters
I.B.3700-SV-1 Westinghouse1958-12-00High Speed Gear Drives Type SUDrives
I.B.6133 Westinghouse0000-00-00ELECTRIC BOLT HEATERSteam Turbines
308-861-11 ABB0000-00-00Mechanical Interlock Assembly for 1 1/2" and 2" IPS Operation PipeInterlocks
I.L.16-123-101 Westinghouse1968-01-00Special Magnetic Contactor, Type MMD Frame 310, Direct Current, Single Pole, Magnet ClosedContactors and Starters
I.B.6088 Westinghouse1938-11-00STEAM CHESTSteam Turbines
SK-2 Basler Electric1992-04-00Custom Designed Excitation Systems Model SSE for Steam or Hydro Turbine Drive GeneratorsGenerators
DET-064A General Electric1995-00-00Vacuum Limitamp 2-High Medium-Voltage Motor ControlMotor Controller
I.L.10512 Westinghouse1950-07-00Reversing Life-Line Contactor Type N-140 Class 15-815N.1 4 Pole Size 1Contactors and Starters
I.L.13134A Westinghouse1983-12-00Instructions For l-56 Electrical Interlock For A/200 Series Contactors and StartersContactors and Starters
I.B.6190 Westinghouse0000-00-00GlandsGlands
I.L.15-829-7 Westinghouse1965-05-00Instructions for Type L-64 Electrical InterlockInterlocks
I.B.6395 Westinghouse1940-12-00STEAM CHESTSteam Turbines
I.L.10249 Westinghouse1957-05-00TYPE MM MAGNETIC CONTACTORS Frames 322, 422 Direct Current Two Poles Normally-Open and Two Poles Normally-ClosedContactors and Starters
I.B.6.10-1 ITE1967-06-00Series 9600 Motor Control CenterMotor Control Centers
6SE7087-6BD70 Siemens1996-00-00Simovert Masterdrives Compact Units (Types A-D) DC-ACDrives
DIMENSIONSHEET3740 Westinghouse1975-06-00Dc Mangetic Brakes Types TM and TMRBrakes
51671-001 Toshiba2003-01-01G7 Adjustable Speed Drive Quick Start GuideDrives
6F3B0250 Toshiba1998-02-00PROGRAMMABLE CONTROLLER PROSEC T1/T1SController
I.B.6329 Westinghouse1940-04-00GOVERNOR (TRANSFORMER TYPE)Steam Turbines
I.B.6099 Westinghouse1938-11-00Rotor Turning GearSteam Turbines
I.L.16968 Westinghouse1983-12-00Instructions for A900 Size 2 Two-Speed Motor ControllerMotor Controller
BULLETINCP3280 Siemens1991-00-00Solid State Reduced Voltage Starters - 3RW2Motor Starters
DESCRIPTIVEBULLETIN9150 Westinghouse1976-11-15Ac Manual Non-Reversing Reduced Voltage StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.12528-A Westinghouse1964-01-00Types L53, L54, L55 Universal Electrical Interlocks For Type N Size 0, 1 and 2 Contactors and StartersInterlocks
I.L.2082 Westinghouse0000-00-00Thermoguard MotorsMotors
I.B.6222 Westinghouse1938-10-00LABYRINTH SEAL AXIAL AND RADIAL CLEARANCE TYPESteam Turbines
I.B.7240 Westinghouse1944-09-00Vertical Water Wheel Synchronous GeneratorsGenerators
6SE6400-5AF00-0BP0 Siemens2006-10-00MicroMaster 430 Parameter ListDrives
I.L.17-700-1 Westinghouse1956-07-00Life-Line Control Magnetic Part Winding Motor Starters Time Limit AccelerationMotor Starters
DB-8850 Cutler-Hammer1998-12-00Ampguard Medium Voltage StartersContactors and Starters
I.B.5442F Westinghouse0000-00-00Alternating-Current Generators and Synchronous CondensersGenerators
I.B.6006 Westinghouse1936-03-00Throttle ValveSteam Turbines
I.L.4891B Westinghouse1951-03-00Life-Line Contactor Type N 130 Class 15-825 N.1 3 Pole, Size 1Contactors and Starters
I.L.3100-7 Westinghouse1957-02-00Type A Squirrel Cage Life-Line Motors (Frame 364U through 445-U)Motors
I.L.16965 Westinghouse1984-01-00A202 30 Ampere 2,3,4 or 5 Pole Lighting ContactorContactors and Starters
I.B.6195 Westinghouse1937-10-00Condensing TurbineSteam Turbines
8637CT9701 Square D1998-00-00LH4 Modular Soft StartMotors
C.B.15.2-2 ITE1970-05-00Key InterlocksInterlocks
I.L.22-522-10 Westinghouse0000-00-00Class 22-522 Hoist Drive with Eddy Current BrakeDrives
P12072 The Bristol Company1955-10-00Series C-1 Amplifier 120-Volt, 60-Cycle Supply OnlyOther
I.L.13-300-1 Westinghouse1957-01-00Life-Line Control Motor Operated Secondary Controllers for Wound Rotor Motors - Type SC- Class 13-300Motor Controller
I.B.6246 Westinghouse1938-10-00Auxiliary Oil PumpOil Pump
I.L.424425 Federal Pacific1972-01-00Class 4244 Model C Magnetic Reduced Voltage StarterContactors and Starters
CATALOGSECTION8229 Westinghouse1992-03-31PC-50 Programmable Logic ControllerController
GEF-4009 General Electric1955-02-00IC7069-B1C SYNCHRONOUS MOTOR FIELD PANEL (Also CR7069)Other
I.B.6228 Westinghouse1938-07-00CONTROL AND OIL SYSTEMOther
I.L.2059 Westinghouse0000-00-00Types AT-4, AT-5, AT-6, AT-7, AT-8, AT-17 Double Pole Timetactors Contactors and Starters
GEH-3091C General Electric1977-10-00IC7160 Limitamp Controllers with Draw-Out Air-Break ContactorController
I.B.6394 Westinghouse1941-01-00BACK PRESSURE SAFETY STOPExhaust Pressure Regulator
I.B.8084 Westinghouse1942-03-00GOVERNORSteam Turbines
6F9G0133 Toshiba0000-00-00High Voltage Vacuum Contactors CV-10HA 12/15kV-320A-5/4kA CV-1 0HAL 12/15kV-320A-5/4kAContactors and Starters
I.B.6199 Westinghouse0000-00-00Thrust Bearing Adjusting MechanismOther
I.L.3830-3 Westinghouse1956-04-00Vertical Drip Proof High Thrust CSP Motors Frames 580 through 683Motors
I.L.3100-1C-CSP-1 Westinghouse1951-02-00Squirrel-Cage Life-Line Motors Splash and Drip Proof, Type CSP, 50 to 700 HPMotors
I.B.6290 Westinghouse0000-00-00GOVERNOR(Transformer Type)Other
I.L.16-800-386A Westinghouse1977-11-00Stalled Current Test on DC MotorsMotors
6SE7087-6XX20 Siemens0000-00-00SIMOVERT MASTER DRIVES Vector Control (VC)Drives
6SE7087-7NP87-2DD0 Siemens1998-00-00Simovert Master Drive Capacitor Module Compact PLUS TypeDrives
I.L.3000-CAP-1B Westinghouse1949-02-00Single-Phase Life-Line Motors Open Drip-Proof, Types CAP and CAP-2Motors
51871-001 Toshiba2003-01-00G7 Adjustable Speed Drive Quick Start GuideDrives
I.B.6213 Westinghouse1938-04-00TANDEM COMPOUND, CONDENSING TURBINE Type "AT"Steam Turbines
I.L.2302-A Westinghouse1937-06-00WESTINGHOUSE TYPE Dn CONTACTORSContactors and Starters
DESCRIPTIVEBULLETIN8850 Westinghouse1989-10-00Ampgard Medium Voltage StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.5670-26 Westinghouse1938-01-00Type DT-3 Speed RegulatorPower Supply Regulator
I.B.15-823-1 Westinghouse1955-01-00High Voltage Air Break A-C Magnetic ContactorsContactors and Starters
RENEWALPARTSDATARP48J01TE Cutler-Hammer2000-03-00Ampguard MV Motor Control Vacuum Break SJ SeriesContactors and Starters
9400200990I Basler Electric2008-07-00DIGITAL GENSET CONTROLLER DGC-2020Controller
I.L.15-800-1 Westinghouse1958-01-00Type M Magnetic Contactors Frames 301, 401, 501, 601 and 701 Direct Current Single Pole Spring ClosedContactors and Starters
I.B.6385 Westinghouse0000-00-00SURFACE CONDENSERSOther
I.L.13-100-1 Westinghouse1958-07-00A-C General Purpose Starters Classes 13-100, 13-500, 13-120 for Low Voltage Wound-Rotor Induction MotorsMotor Starters
I.B.6.5.1 Gould Brown Boveri1975-02-00Series 7850 High Voltage Motor StarterMotor Starters
DIMENSIONSHEET3540 Westinghouse1977-04-00Dc Motors Life-Line SMotors
acd 3 Siemens0000-00-00MicromasterDrives
6SE7087-8NP87-2DD0 Siemens1998-00-00Simovert Masterdrives Capacitor Module Compact PLUS TypesDrives
R.P.D.15-825A6 Westinghouse1958-12-00A-C Magnetic Life-Linecontactors Class 15-825, d-c Operated MagnetContactors and Starters
MOTORCONTROL6.0.3 ITE1973-07-00General Application Data Motor Full-Load CurrentsMotor Controller
GEH-3102C General Electric0000-00-00High Voltage Ac ContactorsContactors and Starters
I.L.15-829-2 Westinghouse1955-01-00Type L-60 Electrical Interlock for use with Size 5 Life-Linestarters and Type NF-5 ContactorsInterlocks
I.L.2000-1 Westinghouse1953-01-00Magnetic Controllers Inspection and MaintenanceController
6SE7000-0AD64 Siemens2001-00-00SIMOVERT Master Drives Overcurrent ProtectorDrives
I.B.5107 Westinghouse0000-00-00Direct-Current Generators and MotorsGenerators
03 CC General Electric2008-01-00Lighting ContactorsContactors and Starters
I.L.16961 Westinghouse1983-12-00Instructions for A201, A211, A251, Size 2 Magnetic Contactor Non-reversing or ReversingContactors and Starters
I.B.6134 Westinghouse1937-05-00High Pressure, Non-Condensing TurbineSteam Turbines
I.B.6391 Westinghouse1940-12-00IMPULSE BLADESSteam Turbines
I.L.22-529-11 Westinghouse0000-00-00Class 22-529 Cascade Bridge DriveDrives
8806HO0102 Square D0000-00-00Altivar 28 Quick Reference GuideDrives
I.B.6305 Westinghouse1940-04-00GLANDSGlands
I.B.5679 Westinghouse1937-04-00Turbines for Mechanical Drive (With Special Governor)Steam Turbines
SZE-4 Basler Electric2000-12-00DECS-300 Digital Excitation Control SystemController
I.L.19-700-2C Westinghouse0000-00-00Gate Modulator BoardOther
I.B.6124 Westinghouse1937-12-00Oil CoolerSteam Turbines
430 FX Fan Siemens2002-00-00MicroMaster 430FXDrives
I.B.5483 Westinghouse1940-07-00Steam Condensers and AuxiliariesSteam Turbines
440 GX TX9 Siemens2002-00-00MicroMaster 440GXDrives
BULLETINSG-9109 Siemens1994-00-00Advanced Protection Control for Today's MotorsMotors
6SE7022-0ES87-2DC0 Siemens0000-00-00Braking Resistor Technical Data and AssemblyBrakes
SZN-1 Basler Electric2001-01-00DECS-100 Digital Excitation Control SystemOther
BrakingResistor Siemens2001-00-00Braking Resistors for MicroMaster 440Brakes
STYLENUMBERINDEX2800 Westinghouse1971-03-00Ac and Dc Motors, Single Phase and PolyphaseMotors
420 COM en 1006 Siemens2006-00-00MICROMASTER 420 0.12 kW - 11 kWDrives
1MRS-750-527-MUM ABB2000-11-05REF 54_ Feeder TerminalOther
47341-002 Toshiba1998-06-00230, 460, and 600 Volt Ratings Operation ManualDrives
I.B.5197 Westinghouse0000-00-00Liquid Slip RegulatorsOther
I.L.15-825-6 Westinghouse1960-02-00Types "GP" and "GPD"-Size 6-A-C Contactors 2-3 Pole, Front or Rear ConnectedContactors and Starters
I.B.6014 Westinghouse0000-00-00Auto-Stop and Main GovernorSteam Turbines
I.L.3830-2 Westinghouse1955-03-00High Thurst Ball Bearing Type CSP Fan-Cooled or Explosion-proof Motors Frames 364 through 8120 VerticalMotors
I.L.10449A Westinghouse1950-05-00Life-Line Contactor Type N 120, Class 15-825 N.1, 2 Pole, Size 1Contactors and Starters
I.B.6191 Westinghouse1938-11-00Rotor Turning GearSteam Turbines
9388600990 Basler Electric2006-00-00DGC-50 ControllerController
I.L.13238-C Westinghouse1973-03-00Instructions For A/200 Contactor, NEMA Size 3, 4 For 2, 3, 4 and 5 PolesContactors and Starters
430 FX PSup Siemens2002-00-00MicroMaster 430FXDrives
I.B.1840-1 Westinghouse1947-03-00Air-Cooled Turbine Generators 1000 to 7500 kwGenerators
I.L.22-1000-23 Westinghouse0000-00-0022-1000 Adjustable Speed DrivesDrives
6SE7087-6AK85-0AA0 Siemens1994-00-00SIMOVERT Master Drives Sizes H and KDrives
I.L.4021 Westinghouse1948-02-00Type "STA" Synchronous Motor Field Application UnitOther
I.B.7099-A Westinghouse0000-00-00Large Synchronous and Induction Motors Motors
I.L.5013 Westinghouse1952-08-00High Voltage Contactors Types AH-31 and AH-32Contactors and Starters
I.L.10510 Westinghouse1950-05-00Reversing Life-Linestarter Type N, Size 1, Class 11-210N.1, 2 Phase,4 PolesContactors and Starters
T.D.11-720 Westinghouse1982-08-00IQ-2000 Motor Command SystemMotor Controller
INSTRUCTIONBOOK6104 Westinghouse1936-09-00Westinghouse Turbines Types C-14 and C-20Steam Turbines
I.L.12478 Westinghouse1959-07-00Design N Life-Line Starter Size 1,2-3 or 4 PoleContactors and Starters
I.B.6187 Westinghouse1937-08-00LABYRINTH SEALSteam Turbines
I.L.22-1000-19 Westinghouse0000-00-0022-1000 Adjustable Speed DrivesDrives
I.B.6128 Westinghouse1937-12-00Thrust BearingSteam Turbines
MCC3318 Siemens1994-00-00Model 95 Motor Control CentersMotor Control Centers
BPU-2A-M-R2 Startco Engineering Ltd.1994-00-00BPU-2A Manual Bearing Protection UnitOther
BULLETIN6.10-2A ITE0000-00-00The Series 5600 Motor Control CenterMotor Control Centers
I.B.5469 Unknown0000-00-00Turbines for Mechanical DriveSteam Turbines
I.L.16-800-113 Westinghouse1967-11-00E07 Power Supply For Use in S-56FPower Supply Regulator
I.L.10511 Westinghouse1950-07-00Reversing Life-Line Starter Type N, Size 1 Class 11-211N.1, 2 Phase, 4 PoleContactors and Starters
I.B.6373 Westinghouse1940-10-00Impulse BladesSteam Turbines
I.L.10460 Westinghouse1950-05-00Life-Line Contactor Type N-050 Class 15-825N.0 5 Pole, Size 0Contactors and Starters
I.L.10411 Westinghouse1950-02-00Reversing Life-Line Starter Type N Size 2, Class 11-210N.2 2 Phase 4 PoleContactors and Starters
I.L.3500-6-SK-1 Westinghouse1958-08-00Direct-Current Life-Line Motors and Generators Type SK-H, 1/2 to 5 HP, 3/4 to 3 KWMotors
I.B.6259 Westinghouse0000-00-00EvaporatorsOther
I.L.3143 Westinghouse1941-07-00Type AI Magnetic Brake-Frames 431, 631 and 831Brakes
I.L.16-800-301 Westinghouse0000-00-00Basic Systems Drives Buffer Amplifier Board S#1781A04Drives
BULLETINCC3325 Siemens1990-00-00Siemens Advanced Motor Master SystemMotor Control Centers
I.L.5204.1 Westinghouse1962-04-00Type TM BrakesBrakes
8806DB0003 Square D2000-00-00ALTIVAR 58 Option Keypad Display and Remote Mounting Kit Class 8806Drives
E50417-H1176-C151-A8 Siemens2006-00-00SIPROTEC 4Other
I.B.6032 Westinghouse1936-06-00Bleeder or Inlet Pressure Regulator Type BD-1-CExhaust Pressure Regulator
ACS800-US-01-RB ABB2003-08-15Low Voltage AC Drive Related Tools and accessoriesDrives
I.B.6207 Westinghouse1938-02-00Control and Oil SystemSteam Turbines
I.B.5212 Westinghouse1931-09-00Turbines for Mechanical Drive Type MDSteam Turbines
I.L.11956A Westinghouse1958-06-00Design N Electrical Interlocks Types L50, L51, L52Interlocks
05 CC General Electric2008-03-00IEC Power DevicesContactors and Starters
I.L.2406 Westinghouse1937-01-00Type L-41 Electrical InterlockInterlocks
SPECIFICATIONDATA8280 Westinghouse1972-11-00A/200 Magnetic ControlContactors and Starters
I.B.6091 Westinghouse1937-01-00"Axial Clearance" Labyrinth SealSteam Turbines
I.L.11-600-1B Westinghouse1970-08-00Magnetic Reduced Voltage StarterContactors and Starters
I.B.6013 Westinghouse1937-01-00Journal BearingSteam Turbines
I.B.6051 Westinghouse1940-02-00GlandsGlands
I.L.16-800-108 Westinghouse1968-01-00E04 Speed Controller and Ramp-Function GeneratorsGenerators
I.L.1410 Westinghouse0000-00-00Class 11-200-A, 11-200-B or 11-200-C Across-the-Line Type, Non-Reversing, A-C. Magnetic StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.3115 Westinghouse1942-01-00Westinghouse Variable Voltage Planner ControllerController
INSTRUCTIONS6125 Westinghouse1944-06-00Type-C TurbinesSteam Turbines
MCC3012 Siemens1994-01-00Motor Control Center Renewal PartsMotor Control Centers
SZM-3 Basler Electric2002-01-00DECS-200 Digital Excitation Control SystemOther
A5E00280703-02 Siemens2005-00-00SIMATIC HMI WinCC flexible 2005 Communication Part 1Other
SERVICEGUIDE8800 Westinghouse1988-06-01Technical Assistance/AMPGARD StartupContactors and Starters
CBT FANOX0000-00-00Protection and Control Panels for Three-Phase Submersible PumpsOther
I.L.1250-3163 Westinghouse0000-00-00Throttle ValveValve
I.B.5744 Westinghouse0000-00-00Turbines for Mechanical Drive Type AMD (With Special Governor)Steam Turbines
6SE6400-5GA00-0BP0 Siemens2003-00-00Quick Start Guide Five steps to easy startup for your MicroMaster 440 DriveDrives
I.L.10412 Westinghouse0000-00-00Reversing Life-Linecontactor Type N-240, Class 15-815 N.2, 4 Pole Size 2Contactors and Starters
I.L.16-800-302 Westinghouse1975-04-00Basic System Drives (BSD) Master Reference Calibration S#1781A03Drives
I.L.3100-11 Westinghouse1955-08-00Overhung Frame Mounted Life-Line Motors Drip-Proof, Type CSP Squirrel Cage and GP SynchronousMotors
I.L.22-501-20 Westinghouse0000-00-00Class 22-A501 Hoist DriveDrives
I.L.15-829-4 Westinghouse1959-09-00Type L-63 Electrical InterlockInterlocks
I.B.6126 Westinghouse1937-06-00Exhaust Pressure RegulatorExhaust Pressure Regulator
30072-450-62 Square D2004-00-00Altistart® 48 Enclosed Soft Start Controllers 1-600 hp, 600 V; 1-500 hp, 480 V; 1-250 hp, 240 V or 1-200 hp, 208 V Class 8638 and 8639Controller
I.L.22-501-TB Westinghouse0000-00-00Class 22-A501 Traffic Bridge ControlOther
I.L.10247 Westinghouse1957-05-00Magnetic Contactors, Type MM Frames 320,420 Direct Current Two Poles Magnet ClosedContactors and Starters
I.L.1676 Westinghouse1929-12-00Type L26 Electrical Interlocks for Alternating and Direct CurrentInterlocks
I.L.4870 Westinghouse1950-07-00Reversing Life-Linestarter Type NContactors and Starters
I.B.5133 Westinghouse0000-00-00Synchronous ConvertersOther
FORM-33935-2 Westinghouse0000-00-00Type MS8-79A1 Drum ControllerController
6SE7087-6CX86-2AA0 Siemens0000-00-00Simovert Masterdrives Active Front End (AFE)Drives
I.L.1840 Westinghouse1937-02-00Industrial and Oil Well Pumping Speed ReducersSpeed Reducer
I.L.11358 Westinghouse0000-00-002-Stage Voltage AmplifierOther
MOTORSTARTERUNITSFORPANELBOARDSANDSWITCHBOARDS6.11.2 ITE1972-09-00Panelboard Motor Starter Kit Full Voltage Non-ReversingMotor Starters
8800BR0604 Square D2007-08-00AC Drive and Soft StartDrives
6SE7087-6XX10 Siemens1996-00-00Simovert Master Drives Frequency Control (FC)Drives
I.L.22-100-21 Westinghouse0000-00-0022-1000 Adjustable Speed DrivesDrives
I.B.5305 Westinghouse0000-00-00Steam Turbines 3600 RpmSteam Turbines
6SE7087-6JD50 Siemens1997-00-00Simovert Masterdrives Motion ControlDrives
I.B.8585-3 Westinghouse0000-00-00Direct Current Marine Motors and ControllersMotor Controller
9166800890A Basler Electric2007-04-00Analog Voltage ControllerController
6SE7087-6JK50 Siemens2006-00-00simovert masterdrives Motion Control Frequency Converter (AC-AC) Chassis TypeConverters
I.L.3820-1 Westinghouse1945-06-00Westinghouse Variable Voltage Planner ControllerController
I.L.11954-A Westinghouse1959-07-00Design N Life-Line Starter Size 0,2-3 or 4 PoleContactors and Starters
I.B.6262 Westinghouse1939-10-00Thrust BearingSteam Turbines
I.L.16963 Westinghouse0000-00-00Instructions for A210, A250 Size 00, 0 or 1 Reversing Motor ControllerMotor Controller
I.L.46-713-7 Westinghouse1951-01-00DynAC Brake The Alternating Current Dynamic BrakeBrakes
I.B.6370 Westinghouse1941-01-00GovernorSteam Turbines
GEI-50143 General Electric1957-09-00ML-11 Stored Energy OperatorOther
GEH-3133 General Electric0000-00-00Synchronours-Motor Control with IC3655A105 Solid-State Starting and Protection ModuleMotor Controller
GEF-4647A General Electric1987-11-00Heavy Duty DC ContactorsContactors and Starters
I.L.5220-1 Westinghouse1959-03-00Type SA BrakesBrakes
BPU-2A Startco Engineering Ltd.0000-00-00BPU-2A Bearing Protection UnitOther
I.B.4500-50 Westinghouse1950-09-00Synchronous Horizontal A-C GeneratorsGenerators
I.L.13633-B Westinghouse1972-12-00Instructions for A/200 Series, Size 0 and 1 Motor Controller With Block Type Overload RelayMotor Controller
GEH-4449 General Electric0000-00-00LODTRAK Solid-State Motor Protection Multifunction Unit - DS3655A118 Single Function Unit - DS3655A117*Other
I.L.15-825-16B Westinghouse1976-04-00Type GCD Size 5 AC ContactorContactors and Starters
I.L.2209 Westinghouse1934-12-00Class 7210, D-C. Starting and Speed Regulating RheostatOther
I.L.3100-5 Westinghouse1954-09-00Type "A" Explosion Proof Squirrel-Cage Life-Line MotorsMotors
9355400990G Basler Electric2008-01-00Digital Genset Controller DGC-500Controller
6SE7087-6AH70 Siemens1996-12-00Simovert Master Drives Chassis units (Types E-H) AC-ACDrives
DESCRIPTIVEBULLETIN8770 Westinghouse1991-07-00Accutrol 700 High Performance Adjustable Frequency Motor ControlMotor Controller
DESCRIPTIVEBULLETIN56951 Westinghouse1972-06-00Type XL Solid State Automatic SynchronizersOther
I.L.16-800-13 Westinghouse1962-02-00Type S Transistor Ramp Function GeneratorOther
I.B.6430 Westinghouse1941-01-00Governor Valve ServoMotorValve
I.B.6069 Westinghouse1936-10-00Reduction GearOther
6SE6400-5AA00-0BP0 Siemens2006-10-00MicroMaster 420Motor Controller
I.B.6011 Westinghouse1936-06-00Auto Stop Governor, Quick Closing Valve and Oil Failure TripSteam Turbines
I.B.3800 Westinghouse0000-00-00Large Synchronous and Induction MotorsMotors
6AT1880-0AA00-1BE0 Siemens2005-01-00MASTERDRIVES Motion Control and SIMATIC Motion ControlDrives
I.B.5024 Westinghouse0000-00-00Alternating-Current Generators and Synchronous MotorsGenerators
I.L.3830-1-A Westinghouse1958-11-00Squirrel-Cage Life-Line Motors High Thrust Vertical Hollow and Solid Shaft Type CSP Frames 504,505,and 507Motors
MAINTENANCEINSTRUCTIONS Siemens1989-09-26Maintenance Instructions for the 5000 Ampere Power Contactor Contactors and Starters
I.L.1985 Westinghouse1932-05-00Types K and KG MotorsMotors
11 CC General Electric2008-01-00Specialty Control Devices Solenoids CR9500Solenoids
6SE7087-6CX87-2DA0 Siemens2004-00-00Simovert Masterdrives Braking UnitBrakes
GEF-4630 General Electric1984-06-00CR7160 Limitamp ControllerController
GEK-39683 General Electrinc0000-00-00POWER/VAC Remote Racking Operator Type 115 VAC, 60/50 Hertz or 230 VAC, 60/50 HertzOther
I.L.17-825-1 Westinghouse1956-07-00Life-Line Control Type NR Contactor-2,3,4 and 5 Poles For use with air conditioning compressorsContactors and Starters
21-115527-003 Siemens0000-00-00ACCU/STAT MJ SERIES Regulator ControlOther
BWX6726-5 Allis-Chalmers0000-00-00Type "D" Ground and Test Device Special for Consolidated Edison ComanyInterlocks
I.B.6085 Westinghouse1936-12-00Governor, Governing Valve and Oil PumpSteam Turbines
6SE7087-6QX70 Siemens2006-00-00Simovert Masterdrives Motion ControlDrives
MVDISTRIBUTIONSF6CONTACTORSROUARC Merlin Gerin0000-00-00Rollar R400-R400D up to 12kVContactors and Starters
BULLETINMVC-9078 Siemens1994-00-00Series 81000 5-7.2kV Medium Voltage Vacuum ContactorsContactors and Starters
I.B.5484 Westinghouse1938-01-0005 EHNC TurbineSteam Turbines
6SE7087-2CX87-2DA0 Siemens2004-00-00Simovert Masterdrives Braking UnitBrakes
I.L.10-600-10A Westinghouse1960-01-00JF AutostarterContactors and Starters
I.L.3200-2 Westinghouse1954-04-00Wound-Rotor Life-Line Motors Drip-Proof, Splash-Proof Type CWP Frames 580 through 683 Sleeve and Ball BearingsMotors
I.B.6016 Westinghouse1936-04-00Governor, Governing Valve, Automatic Stop and Oil PumpSteam Turbines
I.B.5137 Westinghouse0000-00-00Automatically-Controlled Induction RegulatorsOther
DEC1901b Fuji Electric0000-00-00Magnetic Contactors and StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.15-825-15A Westinghouse1972-02-00Type GCA Size 6 AC ContactorContactors and Starters
A5E00280194-02 Siemens2005-00-00SIMATIC HMI WinCC flexible 2005 MigrationDrives
I.L.1764 Westinghouse0000-00-00Type SKL Motors and GeneratorsMotors
SW9658 Siemens1992-00-00Magnet coils and economy resistorOther
SRO-4 Basler Electric2001-08-00Class 200 Equipment EDM200 Exciter Diode Monitor for Brushless GeneratorOther
I.L.16966 Westinghouse1983-12-00A202 60, 100 or 200 Ampere 2,3,4 or 5 Pole Lighting ContactorContactors and Starters
800-3425A-SP-06 Beckwith Electric Co. Inc.2001-00-00Generator Protection M-3425AGenerators
I.L.3500-5 Westinghouse1967-12-00Direct-Current Life-Line Motors and Generators Type SK-H, 7.5 to 150 HP, 4.5 to 100KWMotors
I.B.9810 Westinghouse1956-12-00Mechanical Differential Speed Error Detecting UnitOther
I.L.1881 Westinghouse1937-11-00Type CS Squirrel Cage Induction Motors Types CW and CI Wound Rotor Induction MotorsMotors
I.B.6002 Westinghouse1941-04-00Impulse BladesSteam Turbines
I.L.3100-6 Westinghouse1955-02-00Wound Rotor Life-Line Motors Type CSP Squirrel-Cage and Type CWP or CIPMotors
01 CC General Electric2008-04-00NEMA Full Voltage Power DevicesContactors and Starters
PRODUCTDATABULLETIN8800PD9701 Square D1997-07-00Service Guide for Variable Speed Drives and Soft StartsDrives
I.B.7219 Westinghouse0000-00-00Air-Cooled Synchronous CondensersOther
I.L.10248A Westinghouse1957-06-00Magnetic Contactors, Type MMContactors and Starters
I.B.6231 Westinghouse1938-07-00Oil Pump (Motor Driven)Oil Pump
SGIM-9098B Siemens1998-00-00Series 81000⢠720 Ampere Vacuum Controller Type 96H6 (Distribution Voltage 2400-4800 VAC; Utilization Voltage 2300-4600 VAC)Controller
BULLETINMT-8 Square D1978-00-00Key InterlocksInterlocks
I.L.13158B Westinghouse1967-06-00A/200 Series Contactor, NEMA Size 2Contactors and Starters
GET-1195 General Electric1955-11-00How to Maintain Industrial ControlController
9305500990D Basler Electric2006-03-00Digital Genset Controller DGC-2000Controller
I.L.10245A Westinghouse1957-05-00Magnetic Contactors, Type MMContactors and Starters
I.L.36-160-6 Westinghouse1953-07-00Type TP Geared Mechanism Outline DimensionsOther
I.L.3500-1-SK-2 Westinghouse1951-05-00Direct-Current Life-Line Motors and Generaors Type SK, 1/2 to 3 HP, 1/2 to 2 KWMotors
I.B.6386 Westinghouse0000-00-00Propeller PumpsOther
00 CC TC General Electric2008-03-00General Purpose Control Components Reduced Voltage Starters Lighting ContactorsContactors and Starters
I.B.6216 Westinghouse1938-04-00Contol and Oil SystemSteam Turbines
I.L.13-900-1 Westinghouse1953-01-00Liquid RheostatOther
I.L.10287 Westinghouse1951-11-00Reversing Life-Linecontactor Type N-230 Class 15-815N.2 3Pole, Size 2Contactors and Starters
I.B.6330 Westinghouse1940-04-00Impulse BladesSteam Turbines
I.L.16-200-6 Westinghouse1968-04-00Type LF-50H403 Contactor High Voltage, Spring Closed, Air BreakContactors and Starters
I.B.6141 Westinghouse1939-10-00Extraction Valve Servo-MotorSteam Turbines
SRA-6 Basler Electric1992-05-00Class 200 Equipment Motor Operated Control (Potentiometer)Motor Control Centers
I.L.46-717-11 Westinghouse1960-10-00Temperature Indicator Hottest Spot Dial Type Non-Submersible, Three Switch, Remote IndicatingIndicators
GEF-3347 General Electric1956-03-00CR7006-C100, -C101 AND -C102 MAGNETIC STARTERSContactors and Starters
I.B.5411A Westinghouse0000-00-00Motor-GeneratorGenerators
R.P.D.15-825D1 Westinghouse1953-10-00Renwal Parts Data Magnetic Contactor Type FContactors and Starters
I.B.6139 Westinghouse1937-05-00Overspeed Trip MechanismSteam Turbines
GEH-1937 General Electric1956-03-00High-Voltage Contactors A-C, Air Break TypeContactors and Starters
I.L.2118 Westinghouse1934-11-00Type FS Polyphase MotorsMotors
I.L.46-723-17 Westinghouse1952-11-00Key InterlocksInterlocks
I.B.6163 Westinghouse1937-07-00Governor (Vertical Flyball, With Pressure Transformer)Steam Turbines
I.L.15-800-M Westinghouse1950-05-00Type M D-C Magnetic ContactorsContactors and Starters
GEJ-2029 General Electric1957-06-00Magnetic Switches CR2811-B100 to -B105 Magnetic Contacters CR2810-B11 Contactors and Starters
I.L.16967 Westinghouse0000-00-00Instructions for A900 Size 0 or 1, Two Speed Motor ControllerMotor Controller
I.L.35200-5-SK1 Westinghouse1960-06-00Direct-Current Life-Life Motors and Generators Type SK-H, 7.5 to 150 HP, 4.5 to 100 KWGenerators
acd 1 Siemens0000-00-00Basics of AC DrivesDrives
I.B.6176 Westinghouse1938-11-005 KW Turbine Generator UnitSteam Turbines
I.L.9321 Westinghouse1961-03-00Static Ramp GeneratorGenerators
I.L.16-800-378 Westinghouse1981-08-00Micro-Prodac Thyristor Interface (PTI) Board S#1939A92G01Other
DB-11-012 Westinghouse1964-08-00Medium Voltage Fused StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.16-800-141 Westinghouse0000-00-00Speed Regulator (Type II) Multi Loop ControllerController
GEH-3060A General Electric1968-10-00High-Voltage Contactors A-C Air-Break TypeContactors and Starters
I.B.6230 Westinghouse1938-07-00Balance Piston MicrometerSteam Turbines
I.B.6008 Westinghouse1936-08-00Main Governor and Speed ChangerSteam Turbines
I.L.16-800-384 Unknown1982-12-00Micro-Prodac Pulsetach Interface (PPI) Board S#8571A40Other
8198-1 Square D1970-09-00Class 8198 High Voltage Motor StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.6662-SM Westinghouse1958-04-00Moduline Shaft Mounted Speed ReducersSpeed Reducer
I.B.6004 Westinghouse1936-10-00Journal BearingSteam Turbines
6SE7087-7CX87-2AD0 Siemens2004-00-00Braking UnitBrakes
I.L.10288 Westinghouse1955-02-00Type N-130 Reversing Life-Line ContactorContactors and Starters
I.L.7460 Westinghouse1948-10-00Recommended Lubricants For Gearmotors, Speed Reducers, and High Speed Gear DrivesOther
I.B.5141 Westinghouse0000-00-00Westinghouse Motors and Generators in Industrial ServiceMotors
SERIES7850VAC Brown Boveri 0000-00-00Series 7850VAC Medium Voltage Motor StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.13134-B Westinghouse1973-03-00Instructions for L-56 Electrical Interlock for A/200 Contactors and StartersInterlocks
I.B.6143 Westinghouse1939-03-00Governor and Speed ChangerSteam Turbines
I.B.6129 Westinghouse1937-04-00Governor (Transformer Type)Steam Turbines
SG-6048 Siemens1992-00-00Isolated Multi-Drop ConverterConverters
BULLETIN1761 Allen Bradley2002-03-00MicroLogix 1000 Programmable ControllersController
I.L.10246 Westinghouse1957-05-00Magnetic Contactors, Type MM Frames 311, 411 Direct CurrentContactors and Starters
SGIM-9068B Siemens1997-00-00Series 81000 ControllerController
I.L.3800-1 Westinghouse1957-01-00Direct-Current Mill Type Motors Type MC, 7.5 to 275 HP Series 600-Silicone InsulatedMotors
I.B.6331 Westinghouse1940-04-00Oil Pump (Oil Turbine Driven)Oil Pump
I.L.15-800-2A Westinghouse1956-08-00Type M Magnetic Contactors Frames 310,410,510,610 and 710Contactors and Starters
I.B.6070 Westinghouse1936-10-00Steam TurbinesSteam Turbines
I.B.6375 Westinghouse1940-10-00Journal Bearing and Thrust BearingSteam Turbines
I.L.7000-1 Westinghouse1954-01-00Magnetic Controllers Inspection and MaintenanceController
I.B.6182 Westinghouse1937-08-00GlandsGlands
I.L.1744 Westinghouse1929-08-00Type L-27 Electrical InterlockInterlocks
I.L.15-829-3 Westinghouse1955-01-00Electrical Interlocks Type L-62Interlocks
GEP-969 General Electric1991-00-00Spectra 700 Control Compact, Durable, Space Saving Contactors, Starters, Overload Relays, Control Relays and Full Line of AccessoriesContactors and Starters
CUMMINS960-0138 Onan0000-00-00Generator SetsGenerators
04 CC General Electric2008-01-00Defininte Purpose Controls Full Voltage ContactorsContactors and Starters
GEH-3102D General Electric0000-00-00High Voltage Contactors AC Air-break TypeContactors and Starters
GEF-4016 General Electric1957-08-00IC2812-E100A, -E100B, -E100C, -E100D, E-101A, -E101B, -E101C, and -E101D ContactorsContactors and Starters
BULLETINMVC-9068 Siemens1994-00-00Series 8100 Controllers with Drawout 93H3 or 94H3 Vacuum ContactorsController
GEH-6263 General Electric0000-00-00CR194 Two-High Vacuum Limitamp ControlController
I.L.16-800-112 Westinghouse1967-12-00E06 Field Current Controller for Use with S-56FController
I.L.2128 Westinghouse1939-02-00Rotary Oil-Sealed Vacuum PumpOil Pump
SRP-11 Basler Electric2001-03-01EL200 Minimum/Maximum Excitation LimiterOther
I.B.1300-FA-1 Westinghouse1959-06-00FA Motors Induction and Synchronous TypesMotors
I.L.17062 Westinghouse1985-04-00Instructions for the Storage, Handling, Installation and Maintenance of Industrial ControllersController
I.L.22-1000-18 Westinghouse0000-00-00"22-1000 30 Regenerative Drive (C600M)"Drives
BM11D BM21 AVO International 0000-00-005kV Digital Insulation Testers MEGGER BM11D MEGGER BM21Other
I.L.10248 Westinghouse1957-06-00Magnetic Contactors, Type MMContactors and Starters
P.N.17756 Cutler-Hammer0000-00-00Renewal Parts Pub for Nema Size 8 Non-Reversing & Reversing Contactors and StartersContactors and Starters
I.L.16-800-127B Westinghouse1968-02-00C-56 Gate Control SystemOther
I.B.6015 Westinghouse1936-04-00Reduction GearOther
I.B.9500-1 Westinghouse1951-07-00Heavy-Duty Steel Mill Magnetic Controllers Class 9500Controller
I.B.5800-6A Westinghouse1962-02-00General Information Rectiflow Control UnitOther
I.B.6249 Westinghouse1938-11-00Extraction ValvesValve
I.B.6393 Westinghouse1940-12-00Back Pressure Safety StopSteam Turbines
BULLETINCC3311 Siemens1990-00-00Model 90 Motor Control CentersMotor Control Centers
SGIM-9068C Siemens2001-00-00Series 81000 ControllerController
I.B.6390 Westinghouse1940-12-00Journal Bearing and Thrust BearingSteam Turbines
I.B.6177 Westinghouse1937-11-00Generator Thrust Bearing for Operation as Synchronous CondenserSteam Turbines
I.B.5484A Westinghouse1938-01-0005 EHNC TurbineSteam Turbines
I.L.22-210-10 Westinghouse0000-00-00Class A-210 Reversing DriveDrives

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