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Welcome to Electrical Part Manuals

Looked everywhere for a manual? Need a replacement part, but don't have its number? Believe us, we know how frustrating this sort of stuff can be. That's why we decided to take every electrical manual we could lay our hands on and put all of them online right here. With this site's easy to use navigation tools finding the right manual should be a breeze.

You have two options for navigation:

  1. Browse using the drop down lists above (starts off with just the one category, but more appear, I promise)
  2. Use the search box for the manual titles or numbers.

To be honest we like using the drop down lists more, but it's up to you. The manuals are here for you, us, and anyone else out there to use. Enjoy!

Electrical Part Manuals Team

P.S. This service is definately still growing and we are literally adding a large number of manuals everyday, if you have any requests, questions, comments, suggestions on making the site better, or just want to say thanks, Drop us an email.